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  1. Photo of Christian Bisceglia

    Christian Bisceglia Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ascanio Malgarini

    Ascanio Malgarini Director

  3. Photo of Harriet MacMasters-Green

    Harriet MacMasters-Green Cast

  4. Photo of Sabrina Jolie Perez

    Sabrina Jolie Perez Cast

  5. Photo of Jarreth J. Merz

    Jarreth J. Merz Cast

  6. Photo of Matt Patresi

    Matt Patresi Cast

  7. Photo of Paolo Paolini

    Paolo Paolini Cast

  8. Photo of Giuliano Montaldo

    Giuliano Montaldo Cast

  9. Photo of Susanna Cornacchia

    Susanna Cornacchia Cast

  10. Photo of Marco Fattibene

    Marco Fattibene Cast

  11. Photo of Lucrezia Tosi

    Lucrezia Tosi Cast

  12. Photo of Massimiliano Carnevale

    Massimiliano Carnevale Cast

  13. Photo of Angela Presepi

    Angela Presepi Cast

  14. Photo of Marco Basile

    Marco Basile Cast

  15. Photo of Melanie Maccaferri

    Melanie Maccaferri Cast

  16. Photo of Alice Filippi

    Alice Filippi Cast

  17. Photo of Alessia Cannavale

    Alessia Cannavale Cast

  18. Photo of Antonello Emidi

    Antonello Emidi Cinematography

  19. Photo of Michele Josia

    Michele Josia Music

  20. Photo of Christina Onori

    Christina Onori Production Design

  21. Photo of Manuela Cacciamani

    Manuela Cacciamani Producer

  22. Photo of Inti Carboni

    Inti Carboni Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Alessandro Palazzi

    Alessandro Palazzi Editing

  24. Photo of Bruno Ventura

    Bruno Ventura Sound

  25. Photo of Sandro Boscolo

    Sandro Boscolo Sound