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  1. Photo of Carl Froelich

    Carl Froelich Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Harald Braun

    Harald Braun Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jacob Geis

    Jacob Geis Screenplay

  4. Photo of Franz-Jürgen Kleinert

    Franz-Jürgen Kleinert Screenplay

  5. Photo of Rolf Reissmann

    Rolf Reissmann Screenplay

  6. Photo of Zarah Leander

    Zarah Leander Cast

  7. Photo of Willy Birgel

    Willy Birgel Cast

  8. Photo of Hans Mierendorff

    Hans Mierendorff Cast

  9. Photo of Maria Koppenhöfer

    Maria Koppenhöfer Cast

  10. Photo of Lotte Koch

    Lotte Koch Cast

  11. Photo of Axel von Ambesser

    Axel von Ambesser Cast

  12. Photo of Friedrich Benfer

    Friedrich Benfer Cast

  13. Photo of Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur

    Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur Cast

  14. Photo of Walther Süssenguth

    Walther Süssenguth Cast

  15. Photo of Odo Krohmann

    Odo Krohmann Cast

  16. Photo of Herbert Hübner

    Herbert Hübner Cast

  17. Photo of Emil Heß

    Emil Heß Cast

  18. Photo of Karl Haubenreißer

    Karl Haubenreißer Cast

  19. Photo of Rudolf Klein-Rogge

    Rudolf Klein-Rogge Cast

  20. Photo of Anneliese von Eschstruth

    Anneliese von Eschstruth Cast

  21. Photo of Ruth Buchardt

    Ruth Buchardt Cast

  22. Photo of Lisa Lesco

    Lisa Lesco Cast

  23. Photo of Margot Hielscher

    Margot Hielscher Cast

  24. Photo of Josef Sieber

    Josef Sieber Cast

  25. Photo of Erich Ponto

    Erich Ponto Cast

  26. Photo of Hubert von Meyerinck

    Hubert von Meyerinck Cast

  27. Photo of Eduard von Winterstein

    Eduard von Winterstein Cast

  28. Photo of Leopold von Ledebur

    Leopold von Ledebur Cast

  29. Photo of Hans Hessling

    Hans Hessling Cast

  30. Photo of Bruno Decarli

    Bruno Decarli Cast

  31. Photo of Hans Junkermann

    Hans Junkermann Cast

  32. Photo of Albert Florath

    Albert Florath Cast

  33. Photo of Fritz Brünske

    Fritz Brünske Cast

  34. Photo of Ursula Herking

    Ursula Herking Cast

  35. Photo of Henry Lorenzen

    Henry Lorenzen Cast

  36. Photo of Manfred Mackeben

    Manfred Mackeben Cast

  37. Photo of Heinrich Marlow

    Heinrich Marlow Cast

  38. Photo of Will Quadflieg

    Will Quadflieg Cast

  39. Photo of S.O. Schoening

    S.O. Schoening Cast

  40. Photo of Leni Sponholz

    Leni Sponholz Cast

  41. Photo of Marianne Stanior

    Marianne Stanior Cast

  42. Photo of Franz Weihmayr

    Franz Weihmayr Cinematography

  43. Photo of Theo Mackeben

    Theo Mackeben Music

  44. Photo of Walter Haag

    Walter Haag Production Design

  45. Photo of Gustav Lohse

    Gustav Lohse Editing

  46. Photo of Werner Pohl

    Werner Pohl Sound