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  1. Photo of Christian Philibert

    Christian Philibert Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Yamina Guebli

    Yamina Guebli Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mohamed Metina

    Mohamed Metina Cast

  4. Photo of Cyril Lecomte

    Cyril Lecomte Cast

  5. Photo of Jacques Bastide

    Jacques Bastide Cast

  6. Photo of Jeanne Dhivers

    Jeanne Dhivers Cast

  7. Photo of Didier Becchetti

    Didier Becchetti Cast

  8. Photo of Jean-Marc Minéo

    Jean-Marc Minéo Cast

  9. Photo of Didier Haudepin

    Didier Haudepin Producer

  10. Photo of Michel Korb

    Michel Korb Music

  11. Photo of Gilles Porte

    Gilles Porte Cinematography

  12. Photo of Eric Renault

    Eric Renault Editing

  13. Photo of Franck Mortier

    Franck Mortier Production Design

  14. Photo of Maxime Gavaudan

    Maxime Gavaudan Sound

  15. Photo of Gérard Dubouche

    Gérard Dubouche Cast

  16. Photo of Malika Khatir

    Malika Khatir Cast

  17. Photo of Jean-Marc Ravera

    Jean-Marc Ravera Cast

  18. Photo of Luc Palun

    Luc Palun Cast

  19. Photo of Anne-Marie Pisani

    Anne-Marie Pisani Cast

  20. Photo of Augustin Legrand

    Augustin Legrand Cast