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  1. Photo of Alf Sjöberg

    Alf Sjöberg Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rune Lindström

    Rune Lindström Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Eivor Landström

    Eivor Landström Cast

  4. Photo of Anders Henrikson

    Anders Henrikson Cast

  5. Photo of Holger Löwenadler

    Holger Löwenadler Cast

  6. Photo of Gudrun Brost

    Gudrun Brost Cast

  7. Photo of Emil Fjellström

    Emil Fjellström Cast

  8. Photo of Arnold Sjöstrand

    Arnold Sjöstrand Cast

  9. Photo of Nils Gustafsson

    Nils Gustafsson Cast

  10. Photo of Hugo Björne

    Hugo Björne Cast

  11. Photo of Torsten Winge

    Torsten Winge Cast

  12. Photo of Erik Hell

    Erik Hell Cast

  13. Photo of Åke Claesson

    Åke Claesson Cast

  14. Photo of Björn Berglund

    Björn Berglund Cast

  15. Photo of Inga-Lilly Forsström

    Inga-Lilly Forsström Cast

  16. Photo of Lisskulla Jobs

    Lisskulla Jobs Cast

  17. Photo of Anita Björk

    Anita Björk Cast

  18. Photo of Gösta Roosling

    Gösta Roosling Cinematography

  19. Photo of Lille Bror Söderlundh

    Lille Bror Söderlundh Music

  20. Photo of Arne Åkermark

    Arne Åkermark Production Design

  21. Photo of S.A.G. Swenson

    S.A.G. Swenson Producer

  22. Photo of Carl Anderson

    Carl Anderson Producer

  23. Photo of Oscar Rosander

    Oscar Rosander Editing

  24. Photo of Per-Olof Pettersson

    Per-Olof Pettersson Sound

  25. Photo of Bengt Runsten

    Bengt Runsten Sound