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  1. Photo of Per Hanefjord

    Per Hanefjord Director

  2. Photo of Maria Karlsson

    Maria Karlsson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Camilla Läckberg

    Camilla Läckberg Screenplay

  4. Photo of Claudia Galli

    Claudia Galli Cast

  5. Photo of Richard Ulfsäter

    Richard Ulfsäter Cast

  6. Photo of Eva Fritjofson

    Eva Fritjofson Cast

  7. Photo of Pamela Cortes Bruna

    Pamela Cortes Bruna Cast

  8. Photo of Lennart Jähkel

    Lennart Jähkel Cast

  9. Photo of Amalia Holm Bjelke

    Amalia Holm Bjelke Cast

  10. Photo of Fanny Klefelt

    Fanny Klefelt Cast

  11. Photo of Edvin Endre

    Edvin Endre Cast

  12. Photo of Axel Myrberg

    Axel Myrberg Cast

  13. Photo of Marek Wieser

    Marek Wieser Cinematography

  14. Photo of Klas Baggström

    Klas Baggström Music

  15. Photo of Magnus Jarlbo

    Magnus Jarlbo Music

  16. Photo of Anders Niska

    Anders Niska Music

  17. Photo of Eva Norén

    Eva Norén Production Design

  18. Photo of Helena Danielsson

    Helena Danielsson Producer

  19. Photo of Pontus Sjöman

    Pontus Sjöman Producer

  20. Photo of Jessica Ask

    Jessica Ask Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Klaus Bassiner

    Klaus Bassiner Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Wolfgang Feindt

    Wolfgang Feindt Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Jonas Fors

    Jonas Fors Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Mette Friberg

    Mette Friberg Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Michael Hjorth

    Michael Hjorth Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Lone Korslund

    Lone Korslund Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Peter Nadermann

    Peter Nadermann Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Rickard Krantz

    Rickard Krantz Editing