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  1. Photo of James Carman

    James Carman Director, Executive Producer, Cinematography Screenplay

  2. Photo of Chris Edwards

    Chris Edwards Producer

  3. Photo of David McGrath

    David McGrath Producer

  4. Photo of Sabine Schenk

    Sabine Schenk Producer

  5. Photo of Alan Steinfeld

    Alan Steinfeld Producer

  6. Photo of John Alexander

    John Alexander Cast

  7. Photo of Stephen Bassett

    Stephen Bassett Cast

  8. Photo of Lyn Buchanan

    Lyn Buchanan Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Campbell

    Richard Campbell Cast

  10. Photo of Richard Dolan

    Richard Dolan Cast

  11. Photo of James Gilliland

    James Gilliland Cast

  12. Photo of Graham Hancock

    Graham Hancock Cast

  13. Photo of Nassim Haramein

    Nassim Haramein Cast

  14. Photo of Poala Harris

    Poala Harris Cast

  15. Photo of Paul Hellyer

    Paul Hellyer Cast

  16. Photo of J.J. Hurtak

    J.J. Hurtak Cast

  17. Photo of David Icke

    David Icke Cast

  18. Photo of Niara Isley

    Niara Isley Cast

  19. Photo of David Jacobs

    David Jacobs Cast

  20. Photo of Tristan Layton

    Tristan Layton Cast

  21. Photo of Roger Leir

    Roger Leir Cast

  22. Photo of Melinda Leslie

    Melinda Leslie Cast

  23. Photo of Jim Marrs

    Jim Marrs Cast

  24. Photo of Edgar D. Mitchell

    Edgar D. Mitchell Cast

  25. Photo of Linda Moulton Howe

    Linda Moulton Howe Cast

  26. Photo of Jim Sparks

    Jim Sparks Cast

  27. Photo of Clifford E. Stone

    Clifford E. Stone Cast

  28. Photo of Whitley Strieber

    Whitley Strieber Cast

  29. Photo of Andrew von Urtz

    Andrew von Urtz Cast

  30. Photo of Dan Rovetto

    Dan Rovetto Editing

  31. Photo of Arnie Schlissel

    Arnie Schlissel Editing

  32. Photo of Mikael Karlsson

    Mikael Karlsson Music