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  1. Photo of Sacha Bourdo

    Sacha Bourdo Cast

  2. Photo of Patrick Bosso

    Patrick Bosso Cast

  3. Photo of Christian Charmetant

    Christian Charmetant Cast

  4. Photo of Michel Boujenah

    Michel Boujenah Cast

  5. Photo of Stéphane Freiss

    Stéphane Freiss Cast

  6. Photo of Cécile Bois

    Cécile Bois Cast

  7. Photo of Pierre-François Martin-Laval

    Pierre-François Martin-Laval Cast

  8. Photo of Kad Merad

    Kad Merad Cast

  9. Photo of Franck Tiozzo

    Franck Tiozzo Cast

  10. Photo of Joël Cantona

    Joël Cantona Cast

  11. Photo of Eric Cantona

    Eric Cantona Cast

  12. Photo of Albert Cantona

    Albert Cantona Cast

  13. Photo of Josselin Siassia

    Josselin Siassia Cast

  14. Photo of Charles Deprezzo

    Charles Deprezzo Cast

  15. Photo of Francis Doudard

    Francis Doudard Cast

  16. Photo of Didier Bienaimé

    Didier Bienaimé Cast

  17. Photo of Philippe Dajoux

    Philippe Dajoux Cast, Director Screenplay

  18. Photo of Gérard Dubouche

    Gérard Dubouche Cast and Screenplay

  19. Photo of Edmonde Franchi

    Edmonde Franchi Cast

  20. Photo of Coralie Amedeo

    Coralie Amedeo Cast

  21. Photo of Serge Dell'Amico

    Serge Dell'Amico Cinematography