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  1. Feellikeanumber's rating of the film The 'High Sign'

    9/10 One of the finest Buster's shorts. Stunts are, as usual, perfect (last chase). The scene with newspaper is gold. Shooting-range sequence was a little bit overextended. Secret society was hillarious - especially they're high sign!

  2. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The 'High Sign'

    Some great stunt work and inspired ideas filled up with a lot of fall traps and fun things happening at the end, but it is one of the slower Keaton shorties for my taste.

  3. RoRoRoro's rating of the film The 'High Sign'

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film The 'High Sign'

    Un court métrage que n'appréciait guère Keaton. A tort, puisque les gags sont d'une extrême richesse et que l'on rit à gorge déployée...

  5. Louis Léonard's rating of the film The 'High Sign'

  6. Warren Spratley's rating of the film The 'High Sign'

    An existentialist opening intertitle liberates the film & the hero who drops before us as if by providential design. A newspaper expands almost endlessly, the laws of perspective & of physics are called into question before our very eyes; one's aim cannot be trusted, & our sense of space is never what it appears to be. A banana, a secret hand gesture, trap doors & an athletic will to move safely through the universe.

  7. Alexandru Acsinte's rating of the film The 'High Sign'

    This wasn't one of Keaton's favourites and it shows. While the chase scene in the house is amazing enough alone, the whole package in this short isn't as strong as the others. It's still a very good film. I found the gags to be hit or miss, but for Buster's first attempt at adapting his vision to the screen, it's a great showcase for what was to come. Great production and still really funny. Love the newspaper gag

  8. HSBilly's rating of the film The 'High Sign'

  9. Michael Harbour's rating of the film The 'High Sign'

    Keaton shelved this movie for quite a while because he wasn't satisfied with it as his first solo project. It's a hoot, though. Keaton's prop comedy is front and center here, climaxing with an extended chase through a house loaded with trap doors and secret passages.

  10. Log Lady's rating of the film The 'High Sign'

    Although more simple and straightforward than Keaton's later work, his earlier films are never much inferior. This one in particular is worth seeing for the final scene alone.

  11. Amadeus Magnus's rating of the film The 'High Sign'

  12. AKFilmFan's rating of the film The 'High Sign'

    Sure it's reminiscent of Keaton's days with Arbuckle but Buster's 1st short film on his own is still hilarious and clever especially in its exciting climax.

  13. Adam Suraf's rating of the film The 'High Sign'

    Keaton's first short, shelved for a year due to his frustrations with the simplicity of the gags, which reminded him too much of his Arbuckle days. Though the way he flips and flops through trap doors in the brilliant climax, there's nothing simple about it.

  14. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film The 'High Sign'

    Buster Keaton's first independent solo effort after his partnership with Fatty Arbuckle, is a fantastic early example of his budding comedic genius. Has a simple, farcical plot about a young schmuck hired as a bodyguard by a wealthy miser, and also by a roughneck gang to assassinate his employer. Features some terrific set pieces, including an endlessly unfolding newspaper and the kinetic final chase sequence.

  15. Rock and Bull's rating of the film The 'High Sign'

    Holy crap, I thought I'd seen every single silent Buster Keaton movie!!! But I haven't seen this!!!!