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Ratings & Reviews

  1. José Neves's rating of the film The Hired Hand

    TV. A surprise, especially for someone who's unaware of Fonda's work as a director. Sometimes there is no great domain of narration, resulting on a failure in some key sequences, such as the duel at the end, but its ability to customize the western, particularly the hallucinatory-pictorial images and editing, such as the simultaneous overlaps with slow motions, it's significant. If action fails, visions don't.

  2. Howard Orr's rating of the film The Hired Hand

    Kind of an Ur-Western, reduced to the fundamentals of Main Street, saloon, homestead, abandoned wife, burning sun, the endless trail. But I think it's really about hardened frontierspeople learning to love and express love again. Which is cool, 'cos I can admit I love Warren Oates.

  3. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film The Hired Hand

    2,5 stars. A man cuts-off from his family for the sake of adventure and stays away for seven years. Fed-up with wandering around, he returns; expecting from his wife, as if nothing had happened. A drama about a marriage transplanted into the Wild West. Rare, short dialogues, very slow, couple of hangovers, disturbing and unnecessary cross-fadings of camera. Beautiful landscape pictures, however, this is not enough.

  4. malterwitty's rating of the film The Hired Hand

    Honorable ambitions but weak pacing, dialogue, acting....

  5. Arijit Ghosh's rating of the film The Hired Hand

    I had never seen a Western like this before. A story of love and redemption told so poignantly. It will haunt you for a while questioning life.

  6. andraberila's rating of the film The Hired Hand

    Worth watching. Quite poetic and calm for a western film. But it keeps you very curious and tense until the end.

  7. Prabodh's rating of the film The Hired Hand

    The cinematography and background score is splendid. Unlike any other western movie I have seen till date, the visuals are poetic ad serene.

  8. Gregory Van Bellinghen's rating of the film The Hired Hand

    Beautiful photography. Looses itself a bit on the way but still very enjoyable. Music is great. Reminded me of a Paris Texas feel at some point.

  9. Jamie Scott-Dyson's rating of the film The Hired Hand

    The most hypnotic, ambient western i'll maybe ever see. Fonda creates a tone which is poetic, weightless and gracful through mystical music, hazy editing montages and discreet dialogue. A subdued beauitful film. 4/5

  10. The King of Resolven's rating of the film The Hired Hand

    Incredible film. One of the best directorial debuts I have ever seen.

  11. Graveyard Poet's rating of the film The Hired Hand

    Quiet, reflective, and sad Western with gorgeous, shimmering landscape cinematography from Vilmos Zsigmond and an aching, deeply hypnotic score by Bruce Langhorne which perfectly captures the mournful feeling of the lonesome frontier.

  12. Th MZA's rating of the film The Hired Hand

    ‎(viewed ~ Sep 2010) A pal called HH "the only true example of an ambient western" -- a 100% accurate description that didn't prepare me for the visual/emotional feast. Fonda's cowboy is a dissthentic wisp torn 'tween a homely wife and range life; but Fonda the director is godlike. He lets there be light; light patiently forms images; images, paralleled by Langhorne's sonic creationism, form a world; & it was good.

  13. Dave's rating of the film The Hired Hand

    Agree with the Flying Dutchman below and I was guilty of neglecting htis one until this afternoon. For a 90-min film, it moves at a very labored pace, but it works. Langhorne's score is as perfect as a score gets for a western. And that final scene, of the horses coming it, set to Langhorne's music, is incredible. Definite must-see western.

  14. Flying Dutchman's rating of the film The Hired Hand

    One of the great revisionist Westerns, shamefully neglected.