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  1. Louis Léonard's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

  2. VincentVendetta's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    The Hitch-Hiker is not only a great atypical noir, trading dark city streets for open desert roads, it also bridges the gap between the western and the road movie, the latter being the evolution and reflection of the former - to borrow Jean-Baptiste Thoret's theory. The land has been invaded by asphalt, horses have been replaced by automobiles, and there are no more frontiers to escape to.

  3. lbunuel's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    Psychologically acute, and has a strong understanding of misogyny and male bondings. Unfortunately, it is not as formally inventive as its hype suggests, and can easily be mistaken for one of the hundreds of similar films produced in the same period.

  4. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    Lupino seems to have been a cool chick that took on projects that no one else didn't dare to touch. Studio heads hated it too so the film ended up in public domain but film lovers like you and me have rescued it back to glory. This story and film seems to have been copied to death in million of thrillers afterwards.

  5. dionysus67's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    Unique trespass of a 'male' genre by Ida Lupino, this noir thriller impresses with its economy, the abstinence from excessive expressionist effects and with its cinematically eloquent subversion of much of American cinema's androcentric Logos. The gun fetishism is demolished all right and the non-macho 'soft' male abductees are a welcome deviation. Beautifully shot, it includes an 'impressive' villain.

  6. Sara-D's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

  7. Thomas's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    Tight and taut. A good example of how versatile and multi-skilled a Hollywood player Ida Lupino was.

  8. Adam Whybray's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    The pot was thoroughly boiled! There's something genuinely chilling in its economy of style. A testimony to the heroism of softness and the importance for English speakers to learn a secondary language. A hearty three stars. Note: The synopsis incorrectly identifies the hitchhiker was being "psychotic" - he is not experiences psychosis and those who do are generally a far greater danger to themselves than others.

  9. P D Dawson's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    A claustrophobic movie from beginning to end. You can feel the heat and tension building and it manages to cleverly pull you in, to make you look for chances where the men could maybe have taken the gun from the Hitch-Hikers grasp. All told, a wonderful film for its time and still a joy to watch today, a good suspenseful thriller skillfully put together.

  10. 'king Harold's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    Michael Stipe takes Phil Collins hostage, what's not to like?! Some excellent performances by some boulders too, not to be missed.

  11. Pango's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    I would not consider this film a noir. As a noir fan I found myself disappointed. It seemed to me more a propaganda anti-hitch-hiking. William Talman gives a great performance, but the other two main characters are so not memorable.

  12. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    It's a respectable noir. Though I'd sooner describe it as Jack Kerouac's omitted heroin withdrawal chapter from On The Road. The eras strange glorification of psychos as American 'rogues' and 'outlaws' is a bit hard to take seriously in this film, but the overall acting is fine and Mexico in the early 50's makes for a treat.

  13. Lewis Taylor's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    A simple premise executed with economy and control by Lupino. The slumbering psychopath with the wandering eye is a brilliant conceit, full of menace.

  14. Bilouaustria's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    Excellent B-Noir thanks to Lupino´s direction. The long introduction without dialogues is a great exemple of what talkies can take from the silent era into modern filmmaking : using suggestion and action outside the scope to tell a story. The rest is almost hitchcockian. With limited space and only three characters, the tension never slows down. Great work from Musuraca (cinematography), solid acting.

  15. EdieEmm's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    Psychologically tense, cinematographic noir with enough atmosphere to make a wide-open desert seem claustrophobic. Suffers from obviously limiting production code restrictions and an exhaustingly melodramatic score.

  16. smndvdcl's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    The only noir directed by a woman (1 out of 350). Commendable for breaking up the boys' club if a variable script to work with.

  17. L'immoralistee's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

  18. fluforget's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    somehow waited till the end, but found the movie unsatisfying - nor via interesting plot or character development, neither through some acting or style or anything. why did i wait till the end, anyway? :) perhaps that i've hitch-hiked a lot somewhen. dear me.

  19. Mikhail Moldavskiy's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    It is quite mediocre, at times simply bad, yet worth a look as a location showcase of Alabama Hills near Lone Pine and Big Pine, California. Labeled as a film noir, it feels transitional into the next decade of film mainstream.

  20. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    A throwback to earlier noir, with little action, shootouts or car chases. It's all psychological, with the tension coming from the devil-like hitchhiker with the paralyzed eye, the remote hills, rocks and buzzards portending desperation and possible doom. Lupino, one of the best crime directors of her day, tellingly has little use for women in this film. She's a director of men, some soft, some hard, all angry.

  21. tcurley's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    What's with that canvas bag on the front bumper of the Plymouth? A pretty good movie overall.

  22. Joseph Filvarof's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

  23. Ben's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    There are some incredibly tense scenes and classic noir camerawork that almost make up for the fact that a bunch of this movie is shots of people driving through the desert.

  24. T Mills's rating of the film The Hitch-Hiker

    One of the best crime films ever. It's lean and mean, Lupino has an eye and ear for the genre. Where it could have gotten so silly at the end, it prevails and shows that Lupino was one of the most mature and best directors of her time.

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