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  1. Photo of Dave Meyers

    Dave Meyers Director

  2. Photo of Michael Bay

    Michael Bay Producer

  3. Photo of Bradley Fuller

    Bradley Fuller Producer

  4. Photo of Andrew Form

    Andrew Form Producer

  5. Photo of Alfred Haber

    Alfred Haber Producer

  6. Photo of Charles R. Meeker

    Charles R. Meeker Producer

  7. Photo of Eric Red

    Eric Red Screenplay

  8. Photo of Jake Wade Wall

    Jake Wade Wall Screenplay

  9. Photo of Eric Bernt

    Eric Bernt Screenplay

  10. Photo of James Hawkinson

    James Hawkinson Cinematography

  11. Photo of Sean Bean

    Sean Bean Cast

  12. Photo of Sophia Bush

    Sophia Bush Cast

  13. Photo of Zachary Knighton

    Zachary Knighton Cast

  14. Photo of Neal McDonough

    Neal McDonough Cast

  15. Photo of Kyle Davis

    Kyle Davis Cast

  16. Photo of Skip O'Brien

    Skip O'Brien Cast

  17. Photo of Travis Schuldt

    Travis Schuldt Cast

  18. Photo of Danny Bolero

    Danny Bolero Cast

  19. Photo of Lauren Cohn

    Lauren Cohn Cast

  20. Photo of Yara Martinez

    Yara Martinez Cast

  21. Photo of Jeffrey Hutchinson

    Jeffrey Hutchinson Cast

  22. Photo of Jim May

    Jim May Editing

  23. Photo of David Lazan

    David Lazan Production Design

  24. Photo of Steve Jablonsky

    Steve Jablonsky Music

  25. Photo of Leeann Radeka

    Leeann Radeka Costume Design