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Ratings & Reviews

  1. DK's rating of the film The Hobbit

    Points for being a very big (if sometimes terrifying) part of my childhood. More points for casting John Huston as Gandalf and Otto Preminger as the Elf King...Golum, here, easily trumps Jackson's. In fact, this, honestly beats any Tolkien adaptation yet made, in my opinion.

  2. mariposa nocturna's rating of the film The Hobbit

    Love thinking about this movie which I can remember watching on tv as a child. Or am I thinking of the movie about the rabbits, which movie is that. What is that called. Watership Down. Excellent. Such an impression such a mark left on me. I was immediatley immersed in the life of all creatures great and small. It stays with me to this day

  3. Ghostman's rating of the film The Hobbit

  4. squid's rating of the film The Hobbit

    How strange it is that the movie is here presented as american with an only american crew when the animation crew is 100% japanese !!

  5. Seth Farmer's rating of the film The Hobbit

    An excellent adaptation with a really striking visual style. I wish Rankin Bass had outsourced more animation projects over to the East!