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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film The Hole

    Directement sortie en dvd, (avec quelques rares passages catastrophiques en salles aux States), et ceci malgré un coûteux filmage en relief, cette oeuvre fantastique n'a guère recueilli les faveurs du public, peut-être à cause de son classicisme quelquefois pesant et gentiment suranné induisant une mise à l'écart fort rapide et largement injustifiée de la plupart des médias de l'époque.

  2. Thomas's rating of the film The Hole

    It's lively pace just about holds the interest.

  3. Fabio Di Felice's rating of the film The Hole

    Filmetto guardabile, che ha il pregio di non essere rivolto solo ai ragazzi, che sono il pubblico di riferimento, ma può essere un valido intrattenimento anche per i più grandicelli grazie a un paio di scene niente male. Se invece si fa parte del target può essere discretamente interessante e disturbante, sempre con moderazione e la direzione di Dante che ha una esperienza immensa.

  4. abraxas69's rating of the film The Hole

    Joe Dante makes films for teenagers. This is not different in that sense. I wish he would put more intelligience into his storis as he will fall behind the expectations of his target market.

  5. Ghostman's rating of the film The Hole

    This would have been a great time at the movies if it got the wide release it deserved. Still, it's a great fun and Joe Dante is soooo underrated. I really liked this one.

  6. Victor-André's rating of the film The Hole

    Perhaps it's not so original , but it's not too bad !!! Recommended

  7. Daniel S.'s rating of the film The Hole

    A not so original screenplay after all. I remember having read a novel written by Philip K. Dick in the 60's that handled (in a much better way) the same themes. Matinee is clearly Joe Dante's masterpiece. This one is unfortunately already forgotten.

  8. Rick Brands's rating of the film The Hole

    It was a good idea to start with - kinda reminded me of House of Leaves, one of my favorite 'unfilmable' novels - but for me it got ruined by bad writing, cheap sound design and poor visuals. The acting is okay, as is the pacing - but a movie can't survive on one idea, some good performances and sharp editing. I don't know why critics love this, but maybe I'm already too old for this movie's target audience. 2/5.

  9. Tigrão's rating of the film The Hole

    Pretty cool. Nice concept. It was visually too shiny for the genre, but it worked for me.

  10. Lars Ole Kristiansen's rating of the film The Hole

    Couldn't agree more with Empire's review. This is the best horror film I've seen in a long time. Okay, it's for "the whole family", but damn it, this film really scared me, in a shyamalanesque way. Almost everything works here, thanks to Dantes brilliant direction. Where is the Amblin logo? Two thumbs way up! B+

  11. Alex M.'s rating of the film The Hole

    The last part was disappointing but I had a lot of fun !

  12. Valu2009's rating of the film The Hole

    Eighties a gogò. The screenplay has probably been found in a drawer after thirty years of oblivion, and the movie is fun, sometimes, but silly and highly predictable. We are lucky that there are movies like Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell to show that is still possible to make great 80's flavored flicks, but this is not the case. And yes, the gorgeous (haha) 3d part is unnecessary.

  13. scape's rating of the film The Hole