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  1. Photo of Tsai Ming-liang

    Tsai Ming-liang Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Yang Pi-ying

    Yang Pi-ying Screenplay

  3. Photo of Yang Kuei-Mei

    Yang Kuei-Mei Cast

  4. Photo of Lee Kang-sheng

    Lee Kang-sheng Cast

  5. Photo of Tien Miao

    Tien Miao Cast

  6. Photo of Lin Hui-Chin

    Lin Hui-Chin Cast

  7. Photo of Chen Shiang-chyi

    Chen Shiang-chyi Voice

  8. Photo of Yee Chih-yen

    Yee Chih-yen Voice

  9. Photo of Lu Yi-Ching

    Lu Yi-Ching Voice

  10. Photo of Liao Pen-jung

    Liao Pen-jung Cinematography

  11. Photo of Grace Chang

    Grace Chang Music

  12. Photo of Pao-lin Lee

    Pao-lin Lee Production Design

  13. Photo of Peggy Chiao

    Peggy Chiao Producer

  14. Photo of Jiang Feng-Chyt

    Jiang Feng-Chyt Producer

  15. Photo of Caroline Benjo

    Caroline Benjo Producer

  16. Photo of Carole Scotta

    Carole Scotta Producer

  17. Photo of Cheng Su-ming

    Cheng Su-ming Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Chiu Shun-Ching

    Chiu Shun-Ching Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Pierre Chevalier

    Pierre Chevalier Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Hsiao Ju-kuan

    Hsiao Ju-kuan Editing