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  1. smndvdcl's rating of the film The Horse Thief

    Fifth Generation Beijing Film Academy grads of 1982 heralded a new era of Chinese cinema. 'The Horse Thief' is an ambitious aesthetic triumph in a post-Maoist era where mystical themes, once banned, were reasserted into the creative psyche of the nation's cinematic output.

  2. kartina obskura's rating of the film The Horse Thief

    a circular structure suggests religious concept of a same nature and political (or, ideological), in its repetitive forms. serenity of landscapes, even the torment is silent. snow, the frozen tears.

  3. Güven Şahinkanat's rating of the film The Horse Thief

    Usage of cinemascope lens was good , beautiful images but ... Editing was so amateurish because these transitions especially dissolve effect has no lots of meanings. Just one. If it use with repetitive format ,scenes are losing its own meaning and sense of time. And this dubbing incompatible with the performance of is good visually but rest of it not perfect ...

  4. waywardwaters's rating of the film The Horse Thief

    Defying all authoritarian orders, Tian conjures with compelling image and sound this anthropological, proto-black metal offering to the heavens in ritual of an ambient meditation on belief. The vulture circle feedings are behaviorally adopted into grave burials, both a transfigurative cleansing of spirit as social ostracization from herd mentality extrapolates the fated, cyclical paradox that is life.

  5. jimmie's rating of the film The Horse Thief

    This film lost me, as all films will do(Andrei Rublev, Lacombe Lucien, etc ,etc), when they killed a living animal for the sake of a movie. That should not be tolerated by any rational, compassionate movie goer or maker. There is just no call for it, yet it happens so often...even still today! Killing for art? That is ridiculous. No true artist would intentionally harm anything for the sake of their art!

  6. DonBurton's rating of the film The Horse Thief

    Seen this film once and have been searching for it ever since. Would love to view it here.

  7. Emerald Elbow's rating of the film The Horse Thief

    I really want you guys to get this one up.

  8. David Liu's rating of the film The Horse Thief

  9. Glim Ho's rating of the film The Horse Thief


  10. rajiv ibrahim's rating of the film The Horse Thief

    a powerful simplistic little story that crafted so delicately delightful by tian, this feels a bit like tarkovsky meets herzog, but still, i don't think this movie reach it full potential, and the pace is a little too slow even for my taste..

  11. Law's rating of the film The Horse Thief

    盗马贼 is an awe-inspiring masterpiece from 5th Generation director Tian Zhuangzhuang. Through an amazing marriage of stunning cinematography and inspired editing, Tian produces a truly transcendent and immersing work on poverty, death and morality.