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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Zach Closs's rating of the film The Horseman

    A deeply affecting performance from Marshall as a grief-stricken, broken man makes this an unforgettable film. Difficult to watch, yes -- but the dichotomy between its quiet, tender, sorrowful moments and those of loud, sickening violence is wonderfully effective. A cool score too. Tragically overlooked.

  2. Michael H.'s rating of the film The Horseman

    With a vengeance storyline that is done in a serious way, this does walk a thin line between the moral issues and the extreme violence. It feels like as it goes on it is trying to be more than blood for blood’s sake, potentially making it an admirable work...then it devolves into more violence and generic story twists for the sake of it, turning it into another pointless, post-Millennium, extreme genre film.

  3. Tyler Aikens's rating of the film The Horseman

    Just because it bleeds a lot doesn't mean it has any heart. The Horseman has loads of violence but is borderline torture porn set against a half-assed storyline. Like the Liam Neeson flick Taken, this film has the opportunity to give us an honest look at the seedy sex industry while also being an action film, but both films are so sensationalized in their violence yet so timid in their portrayals of the sex trade.

  4. lisforlace's rating of the film The Horseman

    I also <3 revenge movies!