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  1. Kamran's rating of the film The House

    Somewhat entertaining nonsense. 50/100 - Okay.

  2. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film The House

    Two or three moments may make you chuckle, but otherwise this is a contrived and forgettable flick

  3. J. O.'s rating of the film The House

    Few laughs, cut from the same cloth you've seen a million times before.

  4. nicolecahali's rating of the film The House

  5. bobbytee's rating of the film The House

  6. babycakesromero's rating of the film The House

  7. The Mayor Of Hell's rating of the film The House

    Pretty consistently funny throughout. Gets a bit outrageous there but of course that’s the point. Cast with some great stand up and improv performers Ferrell and co definitely have a formula by now and I don’t see much of a difference from his output compared to say Sandler. Ferrell may be construed as hipper somehow but it is what it is. Made for already dyed in the wool fans.

  8. Mr.Rager's rating of the film The House

    The movie is stupid indeed but some nice jokes really works well and i laughed hard. I guess that's the point for movies like this but doesn't hurt to be a little more smarter, at least not dumb. Huge surprise to see Renner here, didn't have a clue about his cameo. Jason Mantzoukas practically saves this movie from the one low star. 5.25/10

  9. Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film The House

  10. Diderot's rating of the film The House

    I can't wait for this generation of comedians to disappear, even while I also wish Amy Poehler would make a good movie.

  11. OLIVER-J's rating of the film The House

    barely a 2. pretty much instantly forgettable but there were a handful of moments that made me laugh. still the entire premise and screenplay feel incredibly lazy.

  12. Ulrich JARLØV's rating of the film The House

    I did not laugh, giggle, smirk or even smile ONCE! And surprise surprise, there's a "hilarious" gag reel at the end - shitty comedies' last, desperate hope for a chuckle; never funny, filmmakers - haven't you figured out by now that a gag reel is like salt in the wound after having endured your shitty movie - "oh, you and the actors had such a good time making it - well, fuck you, assholes!".

  13. jessetaylor's rating of the film The House

    Unable to operate as a proper film on so many levels - the structure and flow of a typical narrative is almost completely absent. The whole first half of the film is haphazardly pasted scenes and when a new scene starts it takes so much time to adjust. It's hard to sympathize with characters and their motivations when the reasons behind them are essentially quickly skimmed over in the setup.

  14. rruhe's rating of the film The House

  15. Steve Pulaski's rating of the film The House

    It's not so much surprising that The House's one-note joke premise is unfunny, but to the extent at which it feels like a half-hearted compilation of lame Vine videos and outtakes is astonishing. Will Ferrell continues his streak of loser comedies dating back to Anchorman 2, while Amy Poehler contemplates what else she could be doing in a film that doesn't even have the guts to make a social satire out of its premise