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  1. Photo of Francesco Barilli

    Francesco Barilli Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Livia Barbieri

    Livia Barbieri Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Francesco Campanini

    Francesco Campanini Producer and Director

  4. Photo of Luca Magri

    Luca Magri Screenplay and Cast

  5. Photo of Chiara Agostini

    Chiara Agostini Screenplay

  6. Photo of Raoul Torresi

    Raoul Torresi Cinematography

  7. Photo of Marco Iannitello

    Marco Iannitello Cast

  8. Photo of Nina Torresi

    Nina Torresi Cast

  9. Photo of Sara Alzetta

    Sara Alzetta Cast

  10. Photo of Paola Crecchi

    Paola Crecchi Cast

  11. Photo of Valeria Colombo

    Valeria Colombo Cast

  12. Photo of Annalisa Schettino

    Annalisa Schettino Cast

  13. Photo of Adriano Guareschi

    Adriano Guareschi Cast

  14. Photo of Loredana Piedimonte

    Loredana Piedimonte Cast

  15. Photo of Natalie Cristiani

    Natalie Cristiani Editing

  16. Photo of Buono Pellegrini

    Buono Pellegrini Editing

  17. Photo of Lelio Padovani

    Lelio Padovani Music

  18. Photo of Marcella Caglieri

    Marcella Caglieri Production Design

  19. Photo of Emanuela Cotellessa

    Emanuela Cotellessa Sound

  20. Photo of Andrea Viali

    Andrea Viali Sound