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  1. Photo of Ken Hannam

    Ken Hannam Director

  2. Photo of June Howson

    June Howson Director

  3. Photo of Graeme Harper

    Graeme Harper Director

  4. Photo of Alister Hallum

    Alister Hallum Director

  5. Photo of Richard Standeven

    Richard Standeven Director

  6. Photo of Jeremy Silbertson

    Jeremy Silbertson Director

  7. Photo of Jean Marsh

    Jean Marsh Screenplay

  8. Photo of Eileen Atkins

    Eileen Atkins Screenplay

  9. Photo of Evgeny Gridneff

    Evgeny Gridneff Screenplay

  10. Photo of Jill Hyem

    Jill Hyem Screenplay

  11. Photo of Deborah Cook

    Deborah Cook Screenplay

  12. Photo of Peter Buckman

    Peter Buckman Screenplay

  13. Photo of Alan Seymour

    Alan Seymour Screenplay

  14. Photo of Stella Gonet

    Stella Gonet Cast

  15. Photo of Louise Lombard

    Louise Lombard Cast

  16. Photo of Aden Gillett

    Aden Gillett Cast

  17. Photo of Cathy Murphy

    Cathy Murphy Cast

  18. Photo of Judy Flynn

    Judy Flynn Cast

  19. Photo of Victoria Alcock

    Victoria Alcock Cast

  20. Photo of Diana Rayworth

    Diana Rayworth Cast

  21. Photo of Barbara Jefford

    Barbara Jefford Cast

  22. Photo of Peter Birch

    Peter Birch Cast

  23. Photo of Francesca Folan

    Francesca Folan Cast

  24. Photo of Stephen Churchett

    Stephen Churchett Cast

  25. Photo of Bill Thomas

    Bill Thomas Cast

  26. Photo of Michael Culver

    Michael Culver Cast

  27. Photo of Richard Lintern

    Richard Lintern Cast

  28. Photo of Rupert Frazer

    Rupert Frazer Cast

  29. Photo of Elizabeth Garvie

    Elizabeth Garvie Cast

  30. Photo of Kate Fahy

    Kate Fahy Cast

  31. Photo of Melanie Ramsay

    Melanie Ramsay Cast

  32. Photo of Jim Parker

    Jim Parker Music

  33. Photo of Ken Ledsham

    Ken Ledsham Production Design

  34. Photo of Jeremy Gwilt

    Jeremy Gwilt Producer

  35. Photo of Ken Riddington

    Ken Riddington Producer

  36. Photo of James Keast

    James Keast Costume Design