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  1. Photo of Barbara Kopple

    Barbara Kopple Director

  2. Photo of John Dahl

    John Dahl Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Joan Lynch

    Joan Lynch Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Connor Schell

    Connor Schell Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Bill Simmons

    Bill Simmons Executive Producer

  6. Photo of David Cassidy

    David Cassidy Cinematography

  7. Photo of Gary Griffin

    Gary Griffin Cinematography

  8. Photo of John Hazard

    John Hazard Cinematography

  9. Photo of Mario Signore

    Mario Signore Cinematography

  10. Photo of George Steinbrenner

    George Steinbrenner Cast

  11. Photo of Hal Steinbrenner

    Hal Steinbrenner Cast

  12. Photo of Mark Durand

    Mark Durand Producer