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  1. Photo of Leopoldo Torre Nilsson

    Leopoldo Torre Nilsson Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Beatriz Guido

    Beatriz Guido Screenplay

  3. Photo of Martin Rodríguez Mentasti

    Martin Rodríguez Mentasti Screenplay

  4. Photo of Aníbal González Paz

    Aníbal González Paz Cinematography

  5. Photo of Elsa Daniel

    Elsa Daniel Cast

  6. Photo of Lautaro Murúa

    Lautaro Murúa Cast

  7. Photo of Guillermo Battaglia

    Guillermo Battaglia Cast

  8. Photo of Berta Ortegosa

    Berta Ortegosa Cast

  9. Photo of Yordana Fain

    Yordana Fain Cast

  10. Photo of Bárbara Mújica

    Bárbara Mújica Cast

  11. Photo of Alejandro Rey

    Alejandro Rey Cast

  12. Photo of Lili Gacel

    Lili Gacel Cast

  13. Photo of Alicia Bellan

    Alicia Bellan Cast

  14. Photo of Miguel Bebán

    Miguel Bebán Cast

  15. Photo of Amalia Britos

    Amalia Britos Cast

  16. Photo of Beto Gianola

    Beto Gianola Cast

  17. Photo of Alberto Barcel

    Alberto Barcel Cast

  18. Photo of Juan Ehlert

    Juan Ehlert Music

  19. Photo of Juan Carlos Paz

    Juan Carlos Paz Music

  20. Photo of Jorge Gárate

    Jorge Gárate Editing

  21. Photo of Emilio Rodríguez Mentasti

    Emilio Rodríguez Mentasti Production Design

  22. Photo of Mario Fezia

    Mario Fezia Sound