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  1. Photo of Eduardo Williams

    Eduardo Williams Director, Editing, Cinematography, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sergio Morosini

    Sergio Morosini Cast

  3. Photo of Shine Marx

    Shine Marx Cast

  4. Photo of Chai Fonacier

    Chai Fonacier Cast

  5. Photo of Domingos Marengula

    Domingos Marengula Cast

  6. Photo of Irene Doliente Paña

    Irene Doliente Paña Cast

  7. Photo of Manuel Asucan

    Manuel Asucan Cast

  8. Photo of Rixel Manimtim

    Rixel Manimtim Cast

  9. Photo of Joaquín Neira

    Joaquín Neira Cinematography

  10. Photo of Julien Guillery

    Julien Guillery Cinematography

  11. Photo of Alice Furtado

    Alice Furtado Editing

  12. Photo of Milton Rodriguez

    Milton Rodriguez Sound

  13. Photo of Roy Llanes Roncales

    Roy Llanes Roncales Sound

  14. Photo of Pedro Marinho

    Pedro Marinho Sound

  15. Photo of Asunción Gagarin

    Asunción Gagarin Sound