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  1. Nicole's rating of the film The Human Surge

    Past. Present. Future There the only verbal tenses I have

  2. jerrymuzsik's rating of the film The Human Surge

    I see no reason to downgrade this film. It is a practice in abstraction, in expressing a reality of places in the world most of us will never witness. And choosing that idea as your medium, that is art, that is mystery brought to life. I don’t think one ought to ask for anything more in film

  3. Connor S.'s rating of the film The Human Surge

    ultimately boring. the movie is so dark that there seems to be nothing but poor natural light which is large distraction to the plot which is not to bad in and of itself. the plot feels somewhat relate able in the sense that its about young people struggling which most people have had to go through at the beginning of their adult life. overall though the film is slow and monotonous

  4. David R Williams's rating of the film The Human Surge

    Half an hour + in and I’m struggling to figure out why I should give a shit. South of the border mumblecore? I did like the camera, following from a distance like some stalker. Too bad what was being stalked wasn’t of much interest.

  5. Creighton Blinn's rating of the film The Human Surge

    Reminds me of a Ming-liang Tsai movie but without the absurdist humor or striking visuals. Not a bad a concept but the execution is lacking. Naturalism in and of itself (i.e. long shots of people walking) isn't compelling . . .

  6. Ralph Melcher's rating of the film The Human Surge

    Somewhat tedious and voyeuristic for the first 2/3. Like watching an extended cat video on YouTube. Maybe that’s the point. From the anthill on more watchable and better done. Half of a film. If this is the ‘future of cinema’ I think I’ll just go to sleep right now.

  7. Naila's rating of the film The Human Surge

    despite the great beauty and accomplishments of this film, there is just something gimmicky about it that seems to pander to an anticipated critical response. The title is really fitting for the futuristic/dystopic feeling....but I feel like this piece is better suited for an installation that people can walk in and out of, not something you sit and take in in its entirety.

  8. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film The Human Surge

    Eduardo Williams is the daydreamer of modern cinema (a huge compliment) finding more interest in landscape and experience over plot and character. This is the future of cinema.

  9. matelot's rating of the film The Human Surge

  10. EdieEmm's rating of the film The Human Surge

    Something about this film felt inevitable; parallel to an increase in World Press Photo submissions featuring people w/ cell phones who just a few years ago wouldn't have had them... Now finally a fully global generation. The film feels both defining & anonymous; so necessarily emerging from this time that it blends in like wallpaper. I'll probably never think of it again, except maybe academically. Still, ambitious!

  11. Sunil Chauhan's rating of the film The Human Surge

    Meandering with lighting that seems to be on auto-adjust (weirdly this gave the film an interesting visual unpredictability) and hinged around scenes of offbeat, curious conversations. Could easily feel self indulgent but is too light on its feet for that to happen. Reminded me in places of Carlos Reygadas and Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

  12. panagiotatos's rating of the film The Human Surge

    5,5/10 some nice ideas but the film doesn't succeed in creating a coherent narrative, its message becoming powerless and obscure

  13. msmichel's rating of the film The Human Surge

    Interesting debut feature from Williams that follows the actions/daily life of young men on three different continents that entails 'feeding an insatiable need for human connection through technology (Koresky, Film Comment)'. Slow cinema with a couple of rewarding sequences notably the ant hill sequence. Not for all tastes.

  14. Vamsi's rating of the film The Human Surge

  15. Korial's rating of the film The Human Surge

    + fresh direction, awesome camera movements +/- dialogues - sketched plot(s)

  16. DrFirestone's rating of the film The Human Surge

    It has its moments of brilliance - like the contrast between our primitive construction, the urge to move back to the jungle vs the complicated, cyber artificial society that we created. Unfortunately, majority of the time we spend following random guys, watching how they make money on gay video chat-rooms and the sort... An aimless journey, meandering around a very cool idea, but not really finding it.

  17. captainfez's rating of the film The Human Surge

  18. Yokna HASEGAWA's rating of the film The Human Surge

    when i saw the scene of nature,in the constant shiny white surges,people crosses by turn with the pleasure,i was thrilled by something.young and boundless cinema,looking at human. makes me believe that the essential things of ourselves will be continued in the future even with changing the shape.

  19. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film The Human Surge

    An interesting film from writer-director Eduardo WIlliams, The Human Surge would be better if each of the three main narrative strands felt like they had more of a point. As things stand, it's really the way in which Williams moves from one story to the other that seems to hold the key to the message - a rather simplistic one about technology linking people of the world while not really changing their lot in life.

  20. Renton47's rating of the film The Human Surge

    Audacious shit. Its reach exceeds its grasp, but I'm not one to bemoan such things, esp. with a view of technology and capitalism that feel embedded rather than discursive. I hadn't read anything before I pressed play and naturally was occasionally stunned. The natural transgressions, the ease with which people navigate online and communal spaces, Donna Haraway would respect it.

  21. DSPRKY's rating of the film The Human Surge

    A globe-trotting Slacker update, although lacking the straight-up political vitality of Linklater's 90s classic. In its stead is a sly look at the online world in all its glory. A worthy companion to Citizenfour as one of the must-see Internet movies of our time.

  22. A. Fitzgerald's rating of the film The Human Surge

    Does the director know that action has to drive the plot. instead of one short scene on apathy and boredom, the whole beginning is given over to one big sigh. No option than to quit!

  23. Mr. Dude_o_o's rating of the film The Human Surge

    There is an interesting tracking shot where camera gets tired and the boy runs away. At some point, camera gets revenge on boy: Boy has to run after the camera (which was probably put on a bicycle)!

  24. Ella's rating of the film The Human Surge

    The rhythm is both restless and at times relaxing, capturing lost youth - that uncertain feeling of moving through the world without a concrete destination. The detached scenes reflect realistically the monotone and mundane routine of life. The moving camera following the group with every footstep creates an intimate atmosphere and makes me feel like I'm one of the characters.

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