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  1. Photo of Francis Lawrence

    Francis Lawrence Director

  2. Photo of Danny Strong

    Danny Strong Screenplay

  3. Photo of Peter Craig

    Peter Craig Screenplay

  4. Photo of Suzanne Collins

    Suzanne Collins Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jennifer Lawrence

    Jennifer Lawrence Cast

  6. Photo of Josh Hutcherson

    Josh Hutcherson Cast

  7. Photo of Liam Hemsworth

    Liam Hemsworth Cast

  8. Photo of Woody Harrelson

    Woody Harrelson Cast

  9. Photo of Donald Sutherland

    Donald Sutherland Cast

  10. Photo of Philip Seymour Hoffman

    Philip Seymour Hoffman Cast

  11. Photo of Julianne Moore

    Julianne Moore Cast

  12. Photo of Jena Malone

    Jena Malone Cast

  13. Photo of Mahershala Ali

    Mahershala Ali Cast

  14. Photo of Willow Shields

    Willow Shields Cast

  15. Photo of Sam Claflin

    Sam Claflin Cast

  16. Photo of Jeffrey Wright

    Jeffrey Wright Cast

  17. Photo of Elizabeth Banks

    Elizabeth Banks Cast

  18. Photo of Natalie Dormer

    Natalie Dormer Cast

  19. Photo of Stanley Tucci

    Stanley Tucci Cast

  20. Photo of Paula Malcomson

    Paula Malcomson Cast

  21. Photo of Elden Henson

    Elden Henson Cast

  22. Photo of Wes Chatham

    Wes Chatham Cast

  23. Photo of Sarita Choudhury

    Sarita Choudhury Cast

  24. Photo of Evan Ross

    Evan Ross Cast

  25. Photo of Stef Dawson

    Stef Dawson Cast