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  1. Photo of Tony Scott

    Tony Scott Director

  2. Photo of Richard Shepherd

    Richard Shepherd Producer

  3. Photo of James Costigun

    James Costigun Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ivan Davis

    Ivan Davis Screenplay

  5. Photo of Whitley Strieber

    Whitley Strieber Screenplay

  6. Photo of Michael Thomas

    Michael Thomas Screenplay

  7. Photo of Stephen Goldblatt

    Stephen Goldblatt Cinematography

  8. Photo of Catherine Deneuve

    Catherine Deneuve Cast

  9. Photo of David Bowie

    David Bowie Cast

  10. Photo of Susan Sarandon

    Susan Sarandon Cast

  11. Photo of Cliff De Young

    Cliff De Young Cast

  12. Photo of Beth Ehlers

    Beth Ehlers Cast

  13. Photo of Pamela Power

    Pamela Power Editing

  14. Photo of Brian Morris

    Brian Morris Production Design

  15. Photo of Denny Jaeger

    Denny Jaeger Music

  16. Photo of Michael Rubini

    Michael Rubini Music

  17. Photo of Dan Hedaya

    Dan Hedaya Cast

  18. Photo of Ann Magnuson

    Ann Magnuson Cast

  19. Photo of Bauhaus

    Bauhaus Cast and Music

  20. Photo of John Stephen Hill

    John Stephen Hill Cast

  21. Photo of Peter Murphy

    Peter Murphy Cast

  22. Photo of Willem Dafoe

    Willem Dafoe Cast