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  1. Photo of J. F. Lawton

    J. F. Lawton Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of William Fay

    William Fay Executive Producer

  3. Photo of John Davis

    John Davis Producer

  4. Photo of Gary W. Goldstein

    Gary W. Goldstein Producer

  5. Photo of Yuriko Matsubara

    Yuriko Matsubara Producer

  6. Photo of Jack Conroy

    Jack Conroy Cinematography

  7. Photo of Christopher Lambert

    Christopher Lambert Cast

  8. Photo of John Lone

    John Lone Cast

  9. Photo of Joan Chen

    Joan Chen Cast

  10. Photo of Yoshio Harada

    Yoshio Harada Cast

  11. Photo of Yoko Shimada

    Yoko Shimada Cast

  12. Photo of Mari Natsuki

    Mari Natsuki Cast

  13. Photo of Tak Kubota

    Tak Kubota Cast

  14. Photo of Masumi Okada

    Masumi Okada Cast

  15. Photo of Tatsuya Irie

    Tatsuya Irie Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Warren

    Michael Warren Cast

  17. Photo of Bart Anderson

    Bart Anderson Cast

  18. Photo of James Saito

    James Saito Cast

  19. Photo of Robert A. Ferretti

    Robert A. Ferretti Editing

  20. Photo of Eric Strand

    Eric Strand Editing

  21. Photo of Phil Dagort

    Phil Dagort Production Design

  22. Photo of Leonard Eto

    Leonard Eto Music

  23. Photo of Motofumi Yamaguchi

    Motofumi Yamaguchi Music