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  1. Ronja's rating of the film The Hunters

  2. sewslow's rating of the film The Hunters

    *nonchalantly posts about seeing a far superior longer cut in a theater or something and how it was amazing and an unforgettable moment*

  3. Stathis Athanasiou's rating of the film The Hunters

    Progressive, revolutionary, avant garde, contemporary cinema... in 1977... after the dictatorship... among political and social ruins... The Hunters.

  4. Les films du miroir magique's rating of the film The Hunters

    Could some one explain me why the lenghth of version recently publsihed on DVD in France by Les Editions Potemkine is 144 minutes while both Mubi and Imdb give a length of 168 minutes. Apparently the version published in UK by Artificial Eye has also be cut. Missing scenes have been recently published on Youtube by savagecinema1 : Revised version by A. or censorship ?