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  1. Photo of Henri Verneuil

    Henri Verneuil Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of André Tabet

    André Tabet Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marcel Aymé

    Marcel Aymé Screenplay

  4. Photo of Fernandel

    Fernandel Cast

  5. Photo of Maria Mauban

    Maria Mauban Cast

  6. Photo of Andrex

    Andrex Cast

  7. Photo of Antonin Berval

    Antonin Berval Cast

  8. Photo of René Génin

    René Génin Cast

  9. Photo of Fernand Sardou

    Fernand Sardou Cast

  10. Photo of Alexandre Arnaudy

    Alexandre Arnaudy Cast

  11. Photo of Marcel Charvey

    Marcel Charvey Cast

  12. Photo of Jenny Helia

    Jenny Helia Cast

  13. Photo of Jeanne Mars

    Jeanne Mars Cast

  14. Photo of Mado Stelli

    Mado Stelli Cast

  15. Photo of Marthe Marty

    Marthe Marty Cast

  16. Photo of Edmond Ardisson

    Edmond Ardisson Cast

  17. Photo of Max Mouron

    Max Mouron Cast

  18. Photo of Manuel Gary

    Manuel Gary Cast

  19. Photo of Henri Vilbert

    Henri Vilbert Cast

  20. Photo of Edouard Delmont

    Edouard Delmont Cast

  21. Photo of André Germain

    André Germain Cinematography

  22. Photo of Louiguy

    Louiguy Music

  23. Photo of René Moulaërt

    René Moulaërt Production Design

  24. Photo of Adolphe Osso

    Adolphe Osso Producer

  25. Photo of Edmond Ténoudji

    Edmond Ténoudji Producer

  26. Photo of Gabriel Rongier

    Gabriel Rongier Editing