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  1. Photo of Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter

    Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sam Chaiton

    Sam Chaiton Screenplay

  3. Photo of Terry Swinton

    Terry Swinton Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dan Gordon

    Dan Gordon Screenplay

  5. Photo of Denzel Washington

    Denzel Washington Cast

  6. Photo of Vicellous Reon Shannon

    Vicellous Reon Shannon Cast

  7. Photo of Deborah Kara Unger

    Deborah Kara Unger Cast

  8. Photo of Liev Schreiber

    Liev Schreiber Cast

  9. Photo of John Hannah

    John Hannah Cast

  10. Photo of Dan Hedaya

    Dan Hedaya Cast

  11. Photo of Rod Steiger

    Rod Steiger Cast

  12. Photo of Roger Deakins

    Roger Deakins Cinematography

  13. Photo of Christopher Young

    Christopher Young Music

  14. Photo of Philip Rosenberg

    Philip Rosenberg Production Design

  15. Photo of Armyan Bernstein

    Armyan Bernstein Producer and Screenplay

  16. Photo of Norman Jewison

    Norman Jewison Producer and Director

  17. Photo of John Ketcham

    John Ketcham Producer

  18. Photo of Stephen E. Rivkin

    Stephen E. Rivkin Editing