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  1. Photo of Aleksandr Gintsburg

    Aleksandr Gintsburg Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Iosif Manevich

    Iosif Manevich Screenplay

  3. Photo of Aleksei Tolstoy

    Aleksei Tolstoy Screenplay

  4. Photo of Evgeniy Evstigneev

    Evgeniy Evstigneev Cast

  5. Photo of Vsevolod Safonov

    Vsevolod Safonov Cast

  6. Photo of Mikhail Astangov

    Mikhail Astangov Cast

  7. Photo of Natalya Klimova

    Natalya Klimova Cast

  8. Photo of Vladimir Druzhnikov

    Vladimir Druzhnikov Cast

  9. Photo of Mikhail Kuznetsov

    Mikhail Kuznetsov Cast

  10. Photo of Yuriy Sarantsev

    Yuriy Sarantsev Cast

  11. Photo of Nikolai Bubnov

    Nikolai Bubnov Cast

  12. Photo of Viktor Chekmaryov

    Viktor Chekmaryov Cast

  13. Photo of Pavel Shpringfeld

    Pavel Shpringfeld Cast

  14. Photo of Bruno Oja

    Bruno Oja Cast

  15. Photo of Aleksei Ushakov

    Aleksei Ushakov Cast

  16. Photo of Artyom Karapetyan

    Artyom Karapetyan Cast

  17. Photo of Anatoliy Romashin

    Anatoliy Romashin Cast

  18. Photo of Stepan Krylov

    Stepan Krylov Cast

  19. Photo of Aleksandr Rybin

    Aleksandr Rybin Cinematography

  20. Photo of Moisey Vaynberg

    Moisey Vaynberg Music

  21. Photo of Yevgeni Galej

    Yevgeni Galej Production Design

  22. Photo of Lidiya Zhuchkova

    Lidiya Zhuchkova Editing

  23. Photo of D. Zotov

    D. Zotov Sound