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  1. Photo of Reinhold Schünzel

    Reinhold Schünzel Director

  2. Photo of Harry Rapf

    Harry Rapf Producer

  3. Photo of Leonard Praskins

    Leonard Praskins Screenplay

  4. Photo of Florence Ryerson

    Florence Ryerson Screenplay

  5. Photo of Edgar Allan Woolf

    Edgar Allan Woolf Screenplay

  6. Photo of Oliver T. Marsh

    Oliver T. Marsh Cinematography

  7. Photo of Joseph Ruttenberg

    Joseph Ruttenberg Cinematography

  8. Photo of Joan Crawford

    Joan Crawford Cast

  9. Photo of James Stewart

    James Stewart Cast

  10. Photo of Lew Ayres

    Lew Ayres Cast

  11. Photo of Lewis Stone

    Lewis Stone Cast

  12. Photo of The International Ice Follies

    The International Ice Follies Cast

  13. Photo of Bess Ehrhardt

    Bess Ehrhardt Cast

  14. Photo of Roy Shipstad

    Roy Shipstad Cast

  15. Photo of Eddie Shipstad

    Eddie Shipstad Cast

  16. Photo of Oscar Johnson

    Oscar Johnson Cast

  17. Photo of Lionel Stander

    Lionel Stander Cast

  18. Photo of Charles D. Brown

    Charles D. Brown Cast

  19. Photo of W. Donn Hayes

    W. Donn Hayes Editing

  20. Photo of Edwin B. Willis

    Edwin B. Willis Production Design

  21. Photo of Franz Waxman

    Franz Waxman Music

  22. Photo of Douglas Shearer

    Douglas Shearer Sound

  23. Photo of Adrian

    Adrian Costume Design

  24. Photo of Dolly Tree

    Dolly Tree Costume Design