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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film The Ice Palace

    Excellente adaptation du court roman incontournable de Vesaas, l'un des plus grands écrivains norvégiens.

  2. dionysus67's rating of the film The Ice Palace

    Beautifully mesmerizing tale of adolescent love between two girls set in a frozen Scandinavian landscape, told via understated performances, little dialogue, excquisite use of light. Natural desire is coupled to the awe of the icy surroundings and society is reduced to an epiphenomenon of spontaneous attraction. The tragedy that unfolds is redeemed in almost Tarkovskyan mood. Highly recommended.

  3. In Prague's rating of the film The Ice Palace

    Fragile to the point of being undone by a murmur.

  4. lazycalm's rating of the film The Ice Palace

    "Promise in deepest snow from Siss to Unn: I promise to think about no one but you. To think about everything I know about you. To think about you at home and at school, and on the way to school. To think about you all day long, and if I wake up at night. Promise at Night: I feel you are so close that I could touch you, but I dare not."

  5. VENIMOS LOS JODIMOS Y NOS FUIMOS's rating of the film The Ice Palace

    Algo de mistico y desconcertante hay en este estupendo film del director noruego Per Blom, quién evitando todos los lugares comunes de un melodrama tremendista, consiguió una cinta oscura, fria y opresiva como los paisajes noruegos, pero al mismo tiempo, luminosa y muy vital. Sobresalientes actuaciones de las jovenes protagonistas Line Storesund e Hilde Nyeggen Martinsen, asi como una banda sonora excepcional.

  6.'s rating of the film The Ice Palace

    Obscure movie discovered by mistake while searching for a song collage with a Valerie and her week of wonders video clip (this later film in the same unusual and malaise theme of fantastic / sexual-fantasy at puberty, but not being so good, too hippie-dated). Is-Slottet is all artistic, barely made for any obvious public !