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  1. chanandre's rating of the film The Iceman

    He swoons, he brings up daughters, he writes poems, he laughs (I just did a meme of him laughing), he dances (kinda) and he kills and kills&kills. Shannon has an intensity that not many actors can rival with. His eyes are as deep as The Mariana Trench. Awesome to see him vs Ray Liotta, dunno who gives icier gazes tho...? Always thought blue-eyed people were the worst and meant bad news+evil. Time has proved me right.

  2. Ann Burden's rating of the film The Iceman

  3. Thomas Dods's rating of the film The Iceman

    Given Shannon's involvement it is a shame how much this film lacks its own identity, ultimately feeling laboured and generic. Shannon is committed but he just can't save this one.

  4. Dale Bentham's rating of the film The Iceman

    Read the book instead, this film has nothing on it. They made this film a 15? This could have been the scariest film in a long time cos the man was horrific. He fed people alive to rats for money for Christ sake (and enjoyed it). I only watched half cos it was so boring, doesn't matter what actors you use if you're not gonna portray it as grim as it was.

  5. Nick Schwab's rating of the film The Iceman

    Good subject, but fumbles in a screenplay that slips into melodrama with a 'family man' element, diluting the insight and coldness of the real-life hitman who was a sociopath. Director Ariel Vromen gives much more verve and finesse in his directing than the narrative that often feels repetitive and heavy-handed, while Shannon fits the role well, even if it's his traditional typecast bit. Iceman is shiny genericism.

  6. Dries's rating of the film The Iceman

    Grande shannon come al solito ma il film è la solita storia che sa di già visto

  7. corycorycorycory's rating of the film The Iceman

    Shannon makes this. The film feels disjointed when trying to tie each "period" to the next. Outside that, it is worth a watch.

  8. Àlex Frias Haro's rating of the film The Iceman

    Michael Shannon resulta fenomenal en un papel hecho a la medida, al cual sabe dotar de la pétrea y gélida cualidad física que lo caracteriza, pero al filme le falta el poder, peso, y fuerza de una buena épica de mafiosos al estilo Scorsese.

  9. Brian O'blivion's rating of the film The Iceman

    Why even make these biopics when you're going to distort just about everything?

  10. Aaron Dillenbeck's rating of the film The Iceman

    Everyone loves stories about serial killers. Nothing exciting here. Worth a see but not a second. Michael Shannon is always good.

  11. Thomas's rating of the film The Iceman

  12. SBERB's rating of the film The Iceman

    Shannon andava bene in questo ruolo... come in qualsiasi ruolo tu voglia dargli

  13. Tlr Creme Org's rating of the film The Iceman

    Does not hold up in any way to the interviews with the actual Iceman. If you haven't see those, make sure you watch them after.

  14. dominique s.'s rating of the film The Iceman

    4 stars for Michael Shannon.

  15. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film The Iceman

    Michael Shannon pulls it out. And that's it. Maybe 2,5 stars, but definitely not more.

  16. THE APOLL0's rating of the film The Iceman

    The directing is mediocre but Micheal Shannon's performance is was radiates the most.

  17. runfromfire's rating of the film The Iceman

    Michael Shannon is the pinnacle of terrifying intensity.

  18. Ricky Robertson Jr.'s rating of the film The Iceman

    It's an alright story, it's just so similar to every other 70's-era organized crime film and nothing separates it from the pack except that it teaches you a piece of actual, but insignificant, history. Michael Shannon does a fine job, but the role didn't challenge him much since I've never seen that guy not have an ice cold demeanor. Chris Evans' small role is amazing, and is the only reason I'd recommend it.

  19. mjgildea's rating of the film The Iceman

    The Iceman started off okay, but I'm guessing the smaller budget lead to the overall claustrophobic and undeveloped feeling of the movie. Michael Shannon alone is with the watch but Chris Evans was also kind of entertaining. Kind of disappointing otherwise...

  20. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film The Iceman

    “The Iceman” is watchable and occasionally gripping, but not so accurate in its story. Review and Rating:

  21. dschank's rating of the film The Iceman

    more proof that i'll watch any old thing if michael shannon is in it.

  22. Mike Archibald's rating of the film The Iceman

    "When the movies abandoned the moral context in which they once represented crime and criminals — even when the morality was inverted for political reasons and the bad guys became good guys and the good guys bad — they found that they had nothing to put in its place but a kind of voyeurism." -James Bowman.

  23. msmichel's rating of the film The Iceman

    Michael Shannon's performance as Richard Kuklinski, wonderful and loving father as well as vicious, unfeeling stone cold killer, is reason enough to see Vromen's derivative genre film. Shannon's gift for getting under the skin of his characters shines here with an intense portrayal of a conflicted man trying to balance his love of family with his lack of empathy for anything else. Ryder and Liotta well cast.

  24. orangey's rating of the film The Iceman

    James Franco getting smacked around should be reason enough to see any film, but this is worthless even in spite of that. Scenes are stitched together, not edited, the visuals are misty, partly because the cinematographer mistakes retro with under lit and Winona Ryder is miscast as basically a prettier version of Soprano wife. And as for Shannon, if you need this to realize he's a good actor....

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