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  1. Photo of Aeschylus

    Aeschylus Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jack Smith

    Jack Smith Cast

  3. Photo of Andy Warhol

    Andy Warhol Cast

  4. Photo of Taylor Mead

    Taylor Mead Cast

  5. Photo of Gerard Malanga

    Gerard Malanga Cast

  6. Photo of Gregory J. Markopoulos

    Gregory J. Markopoulos Cast, Director, Editing, Cinematography & 2 more
    Gregory J. Markopoulos Cast, Director, Editing, Cinematography, Producer, Screenplay

  7. Photo of Richard Beauvais

    Richard Beauvais Cast

  8. Photo of David Beauvais

    David Beauvais Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Alvarez

    Robert Alvarez Cast

  10. Photo of Sheila Gary

    Sheila Gary Cast

  11. Photo of Peggy Murray

    Peggy Murray Cast

  12. Photo of Tom Venturi

    Tom Venturi Cast

  13. Photo of Tally Brown

    Tally Brown Cast

  14. Photo of Kenneth King

    Kenneth King Cast

  15. Photo of Jan Chippman

    Jan Chippman Cast

  16. Photo of Phillip Klass

    Phillip Klass Cast

  17. Photo of Margot Brier

    Margot Brier Cast

  18. Photo of Paul Swan

    Paul Swan Cast

  19. Photo of Wayne Weber

    Wayne Weber Cast

  20. Photo of Carlos Anduze

    Carlos Anduze Cast

  21. Photo of Stella Dundas

    Stella Dundas Cast

  22. Photo of John Dowd

    John Dowd Cast

  23. Photo of Philip Merker

    Philip Merker Cast

  24. Photo of Beverly Grant

    Beverly Grant Cast

  25. Photo of Clara Hoover

    Clara Hoover Cast

  26. Photo of Gregory Battcock

    Gregory Battcock Cast

  27. Photo of Philip Fagan

    Philip Fagan Cast