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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Kamran's rating of the film The Illinois Parables

    Both my favourite and least favourite of documentary modes, both Direct and Expository. Fortunately the observational is given greater weight than the didactic. 80/100 - Great.

  2. affasf's rating of the film The Illinois Parables

    Chapterized but not limited like a canonic archive work. Film medium’s attendibility isn’t linked to Director integrity, but to the frailty of the narratives that, dissipating against each other, negate analytic windows. It’s the familiarity, the frankness – grain of the voice; light’s thin epidermis – that grant us the connection in which we can experience the woe in the deluge, the delusion of sovereignty etc.

  3. halibutacid's rating of the film The Illinois Parables

    The Illinois Parables are not parables in the sense of moral tales, but in the sense that they reach beyond the merely local or temporal, demonstrating not only their implication in larger historical or more abstract, ideological processes, but also demonstrating a mode of viewing landscape that takes into account what is not seen but is nonetheless written, inscribed, marked upon them.

  4. joey barglowski's rating of the film The Illinois Parables

    documentation of place and landscapes using history, study of present geography that tells stories and offers a meaning to its existence

  5. Lucas Granero's rating of the film The Illinois Parables

    Once parabolas que dejan bien en claro que Illinois, la "norteamérica en miniatura", se despedaza entre los puntos donde los milagros de la fe, el destino imparable de la fuerza natural y la esperanza en la ciencia se entrecruzan. Si algo queda expuesto es que Illinois representa como ningún otro estado lo que esta película vuelve a su favor: el sueño americano existe y se ha transformado en una agobiante pesadilla.

  6. Sergio Gomes's rating of the film The Illinois Parables

    Divided into 11 chapters during the course of almost one hour of film, “The Illinois Parables” is a synopsis of the history of this North American state from prehistoric times to the present day. The film explains how different communities have a place in the history of Illinois but at the same time have all experienced difficulties with the power of North American government institutions.