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  1. Photo of Willi Wolff

    Willi Wolff Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Robert Liebmann

    Robert Liebmann Screenplay

  3. Photo of Reinhold Schünzel

    Reinhold Schünzel Cast

  4. Photo of Henry Bender

    Henry Bender Cast

  5. Photo of Julia Serda

    Julia Serda Cast

  6. Photo of Marlene Dietrich

    Marlene Dietrich Cast

  7. Photo of Teddy Bill

    Teddy Bill Cast

  8. Photo of Colette Brettel

    Colette Brettel Cast

  9. Photo of Albert Paulig

    Albert Paulig Cast

  10. Photo of Trude Hesterberg

    Trude Hesterberg Cast

  11. Photo of Karl Harbacher

    Karl Harbacher Cast

  12. Photo of Hermann Picha

    Hermann Picha Cast

  13. Photo of Fritz Kampers

    Fritz Kampers Cast

  14. Photo of Heinrich Gotho

    Heinrich Gotho Cast

  15. Photo of Karl Beckmann

    Karl Beckmann Cast

  16. Photo of Axel Graatkjaer

    Axel Graatkjaer Cinematography

  17. Photo of Walter Kollo

    Walter Kollo Music

  18. Photo of Ernst Stern

    Ernst Stern Production Design

  19. Photo of Ellen Richter

    Ellen Richter Producer