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  1. Photo of Veit Harlan

    Veit Harlan Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Werner Eplinius

    Werner Eplinius Screenplay

  3. Photo of Richard Billinger

    Richard Billinger Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gerhard Staab

    Gerhard Staab Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Bruno Mondi

    Bruno Mondi Cinematography

  6. Photo of Marianne Behr

    Marianne Behr Editing

  7. Photo of Johann Massias

    Johann Massias Production Design

  8. Photo of Hermann Warm

    Hermann Warm Production Design

  9. Photo of Emil Specht

    Emil Specht Sound

  10. Photo of Heinrich George

    Heinrich George Cast

  11. Photo of Kristina Söderbaum

    Kristina Söderbaum Cast

  12. Photo of Paul Wegener

    Paul Wegener Cast

  13. Photo of Raimund Schelcher

    Raimund Schelcher Cast

  14. Photo of Michael Bohnen

    Michael Bohnen Cast

  15. Photo of Paul Henckels

    Paul Henckels Cast

  16. Photo of Ernst Legal

    Ernst Legal Cast

  17. Photo of Eduard von Winterstein

    Eduard von Winterstein Cast

  18. Photo of Franz Schafheitlin

    Franz Schafheitlin Cast

  19. Photo of Jakob Tiedtke

    Jakob Tiedtke Cast

  20. Photo of Wolf Dietrich

    Wolf Dietrich Cast

  21. Photo of Auguste Prasch-Grevenberg

    Auguste Prasch-Grevenberg Cast

  22. Photo of Josef Dahmen

    Josef Dahmen Cast

  23. Photo of Hans Quest

    Hans Quest Cast

  24. Photo of Bernhard Minetti

    Bernhard Minetti Cast

  25. Photo of Fred Köster

    Fred Köster Cast

  26. Photo of Heinz Dugall

    Heinz Dugall Cast

  27. Photo of Klaus Detlef Sierck

    Klaus Detlef Sierck Cast

  28. Photo of Milena von Eckhardt

    Milena von Eckhardt Cast

  29. Photo of Lili Schoenborn-Anspach

    Lili Schoenborn-Anspach Cast

  30. Photo of Wolfgang Eichberger

    Wolfgang Eichberger Cast