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  1. Photo of Ron Myrick

    Ron Myrick Director

  2. Photo of Ernesto Lopez

    Ernesto Lopez Director

  3. Photo of Tom Tataranowicz

    Tom Tataranowicz Director

  4. Photo of Richard Trueblood

    Richard Trueblood Director

  5. Photo of Dan Thompson

    Dan Thompson Director

  6. Photo of Dick Sebast

    Dick Sebast Director

  7. Photo of Leo D. Sullivan

    Leo D. Sullivan Director

  8. Photo of Len Wein

    Len Wein Screenplay

  9. Photo of Lou Ferrigno

    Lou Ferrigno Cast

  10. Photo of Neal McDonough

    Neal McDonough Cast

  11. Photo of John Vernon

    John Vernon Cast

  12. Photo of Mark Hamill

    Mark Hamill Cast

  13. Photo of Luke Perry

    Luke Perry Cast

  14. Photo of Matt Frewer

    Matt Frewer Cast

  15. Photo of Philece Sampler

    Philece Sampler Cast

  16. Photo of Thom Barry

    Thom Barry Cast

  17. Photo of Cree Summer

    Cree Summer Cast