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  1. Photo of Nicholas Corea

    Nicholas Corea Director, Executive Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Stan Lee

    Stan Lee Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lou Ferrigno

    Lou Ferrigno Cast

  4. Photo of Jack Colvin

    Jack Colvin Cast

  5. Photo of Lee Purcell

    Lee Purcell Cast

  6. Photo of Charles Napier

    Charles Napier Cast

  7. Photo of John Gabriel

    John Gabriel Cast

  8. Photo of Jay Baker

    Jay Baker Cast

  9. Photo of Tim Thomerson

    Tim Thomerson Cast

  10. Photo of Eric Allan Kramer

    Eric Allan Kramer Cast

  11. Photo of Steve Levitt

    Steve Levitt Cast

  12. Photo of William Riley

    William Riley Cast

  13. Photo of Tom Finnegan

    Tom Finnegan Cast

  14. Photo of Donald Willis

    Donald Willis Cast

  15. Photo of Carl Ciarfalio

    Carl Ciarfalio Cast

  16. Photo of Bobby McLaughlin

    Bobby McLaughlin Cast

  17. Photo of Burke Denis

    Burke Denis Cast

  18. Photo of Nick Costa

    Nick Costa Cast

  19. Photo of Peisha Arten

    Peisha Arten Cast

  20. Photo of William Malone

    William Malone Cast

  21. Photo of Joan Douglas

    Joan Douglas Cast

  22. Photo of Chuck Colwell

    Chuck Colwell Cinematography

  23. Photo of Lance Rubin

    Lance Rubin Music

  24. Photo of Joseph Harnell

    Joseph Harnell Music

  25. Photo of Patricia Peck

    Patricia Peck Music

  26. Photo of Bill Bixby

    Bill Bixby Executive Producer, Cast Director

  27. Photo of Janet Ashikaga

    Janet Ashikaga Editing

  28. Photo of Briana London

    Briana London Editing

  29. Photo of Jeremy Hoenack

    Jeremy Hoenack Sound

  30. Photo of Tom Koester

    Tom Koester Sound

  31. Photo of Michael Payne

    Michael Payne Sound

  32. Photo of John Casey

    John Casey Costume Design