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  1. Photo of Arthur Lubin

    Arthur Lubin Director

  2. Photo of Jameson Brewer

    Jameson Brewer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Joe DiMona

    Joe DiMona Screenplay

  4. Photo of Theodore Pratt

    Theodore Pratt Screenplay

  5. Photo of Don Knotts

    Don Knotts Cast

  6. Photo of Carole Cook

    Carole Cook Cast

  7. Photo of Jack Weston

    Jack Weston Cast

  8. Photo of Andrew Duggan

    Andrew Duggan Cast

  9. Photo of Larry Keating

    Larry Keating Cast

  10. Photo of Oscar Beregi Jr.

    Oscar Beregi Jr. Cast

  11. Photo of Charles Meredith

    Charles Meredith Cast

  12. Photo of Elizabeth MacRae

    Elizabeth MacRae Cast

  13. Photo of Paul Frees

    Paul Frees Cast

  14. Photo of Harold E. Stine

    Harold E. Stine Cinematography

  15. Photo of Frank Perkins

    Frank Perkins Music

  16. Photo of John C. Rose

    John C. Rose Producer and Screenplay

  17. Photo of Donald Tait

    Donald Tait Editing

  18. Photo of Robert McKimson

    Robert McKimson Animation

  19. Photo of Gerry Chiniquy

    Gerry Chiniquy Animation

  20. Photo of Maurice Noble

    Maurice Noble Animation

  21. Photo of Don Peters

    Don Peters Animation

  22. Photo of Hawley Pratt

    Hawley Pratt Animation

  23. Photo of Vladimir Tytla

    Vladimir Tytla Animation