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  1. Miggy Angel's rating of the film Incredibles 2

  2. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    A sequel nobody really asked for (except Pixar’s new overlords Disney) but that turns out to be — for me — better than the original film.

  3. arcondicionado's rating of the film Incredibles 2

  4. Victor-André's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    What's up with all the sexism in this film!?! Great Sequel though, the 14 years of wait were worth.

  5. Diogo Pires's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    3,5 vamos lá ver, continuam a ser puros momentos de prazer simples e honesto, sorrisos estúpidos no rosto, vibrações, de acção movidos por um entretenimento animado quase sem paralelo. A Pixar fez uma homenagem q.b, tentou modernizar-se à força toda, saíram algumas ao lado - metade do filme diz "olhem, uma super-heroína, han!". é a dificuldade de fazer um filme para crianças e para adultos chatos

  6. captainfez's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    Some of the best superhero-ing in movies, period.

  7. Joana Teixeira's rating of the film Incredibles 2

  8. amariliz's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    apenas o feminismo no filme me parece um pouco forçado: o protagonismo da mulher elástica bastaria por si mesmo, dispensando outras notas mais explícitas

  9. Tibulle85's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    (Vu au ciné avec ma fille) Une autre suite...mais celle-ci - Brad Bird oblige - se classe sans grandes difficultés parmi les tous meilleurs Pixar de ces dernières années. Le film frappe surtout par sa réussite formelle et d'impressionnantes et inventives scènes d'action, ainsi que par son discours (relativement) progressiste. Les grandes lignes du scénario restent cpdt extrêmement prévisibles pour les plus de 10 ans.

  10. angeldromero's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    Despite all the criticism, The Incredibles 2 was way better than expected.

  11. Alan Stonem's rating of the film Incredibles 2

  12. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    Unlike some other Pixar sequels I could mention, this film feels like a genuine follow-up, keeping the tone and detailed action of the original. The trouble is, it's not really a good film on it's own merits. The plot offers absolutely no surprises and it doesn't bring any of the protagonists' subplots to resounding conclusions; character development screeches to a halt once that third act comes around.

  13. Aaron C Jones's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    The twist is telegraphed from a mile out, but this is fun. I feel like I'm not being generous enough with the star rating, but it just didn't have it, despite having the same great production quality/world-building of the first one, a *really* great fight scene, and some genuinely funny moments.

  14. paul_quixote's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    Reminded me of Harry Potter Beasts Movie-- I wanted more hijinx (Baby Jack) and less evil villain (the rest of the movie). Sequence where Elastigirl closes in on Screen Slaver as the technodystopia monolog drones on was perfectly executed. Brad Bird's shitty politics manage to be not-quite-detrimental although I swear to god there were uhhhhh like four Obama looking motherfuckers who popped up at various points??????

  15. Dana Henson's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    7/1/18 - Lake Twin Cinema - Digital - Pixar never ceases to amaze. Absolutely matches the quality of the first film, it may even be a bit better. The choreography of the action and camera are so fast and imaginative that it makes your head spin. It is the most engaging action film to come out this year and also one of the funniest domestic comedies as well.

  16. Adam Cross's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    Quite good and very funny in places but it definitely doesn't match up to the original. Looking forward to a 3rd installment, hopefully we don't have to wait 14 years.

  17. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    7.0/10, my review: "a belated, exhilarating if derivative sequel doesn't live up to Pixar's usual high standard."

  18. ginobartolomi's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    Obsessed with the fact that both the hero AND the villain of this film are badass WOMEN! So worth the 14 year wait for this sequel. I think the success of these particular Disney characters is there relatability; they're about as close as you get to a 'normal' 'human' family.

  19. Mariana Cruz's rating of the film Incredibles 2

  20. Duarte Ferreira's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    It never reaches the emotional heights of the first film, the narrative isn't particularly memorable and it has a pretty lackluster villain, but Brad Bird still manages to deliver amazing action set-pieces, tons of character growth and one of the most hilariously awesome scenes I've seen in a movie theater, ever (Jack-Jack, wink wink).

  21. teresa romã's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    I can't believe they made me wait 14 years for this.

  22. Marco Pierrard's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    Malicieusement féministe, hilarant et survitaminé, Les indestructibles 2 signe le retour en fanfare de la famille de super-héros la plus attachante du cinéma. Chronique complète sur Citazine :

  23. Dan's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    Although I felt there were these fascinating threads - I see you, subversion of Batman and feminism! - that were glossed in favor of multiple stunning action sequences, this is really just an "I'm just glad to be here" review because Bird delivers something so enjoyably smart and moving that I should just shut the hell up.

  24. Ricardo Zambujo's rating of the film Incredibles 2

    Unnecessary movie that played safe. It feels really forced and the plot is almost the same. It´s funny and nostalgic but in the end i felt disappointed. Feminist propaganda and weak story.

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