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  1. Photo of John Walker

    John Walker Producer

  2. Photo of Andrew Jimenez

    Andrew Jimenez Cinematography

  3. Photo of Patrick Lin

    Patrick Lin Cinematography

  4. Photo of Janet Lucroy

    Janet Lucroy Cinematography

  5. Photo of Craig T. Nelson

    Craig T. Nelson Cast

  6. Photo of Holly Hunter

    Holly Hunter Cast

  7. Photo of Sarah Vowell

    Sarah Vowell Cast

  8. Photo of Spencer Fox

    Spencer Fox Cast

  9. Photo of Samuel L. Jackson

    Samuel L. Jackson Cast

  10. Photo of Jason Lee

    Jason Lee Cast

  11. Photo of Brad Bird

    Brad Bird Cast, Director, Screenplay

  12. Photo of Dominique Louis

    Dominique Louis Cast

  13. Photo of Teddy Newton

    Teddy Newton Cast

  14. Photo of Jean Sincere

    Jean Sincere Cast

  15. Photo of Wallace Shawn

    Wallace Shawn Cast

  16. Photo of John Ratzenberger

    John Ratzenberger Cast

  17. Photo of Maeve Andrews

    Maeve Andrews Cast

  18. Photo of John Lasseter

    John Lasseter Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Michael Giacchino

    Michael Giacchino Music

  20. Photo of Stephen Schaffer

    Stephen Schaffer Editing

  21. Photo of Lou Romano

    Lou Romano Production Design