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  1. Photo of Leon Popescu

    Leon Popescu Producer

  2. Photo of Petre Liciu

    Petre Liciu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Frank Daniau-Johnston

    Frank Daniau-Johnston Cinematography

  4. Photo of Constanta Demetriade

    Constanta Demetriade Cast

  5. Photo of Constantin Nottara

    Constantin Nottara Cast and Screenplay

  6. Photo of Pepi Machauer

    Pepi Machauer Cast

  7. Photo of Aurel Athanasescu

    Aurel Athanasescu Cast

  8. Photo of Jeny Metaxa-Doro

    Jeny Metaxa-Doro Cast

  9. Photo of Nicolae Soreanu

    Nicolae Soreanu Cast

  10. Photo of Vasile Toneanu

    Vasile Toneanu Cast

  11. Photo of Aristita Romanescu

    Aristita Romanescu Cast

  12. Photo of Elvire Popesco

    Elvire Popesco Cast

  13. Photo of M. Vîrgolici

    M. Vîrgolici Cast

  14. Photo of C. Nedelcovici

    C. Nedelcovici Cast

  15. Photo of Mihail Tancovici-Cosmin

    Mihail Tancovici-Cosmin Cast

  16. Photo of Ion Dumitrescu

    Ion Dumitrescu Cast

  17. Photo of Gheorghe Meliseanu

    Gheorghe Meliseanu Cast

  18. Photo of Ion Niculescu

    Ion Niculescu Cast

  19. Photo of Ghita Popescu

    Ghita Popescu Cast

  20. Photo of Cristache Orologea

    Cristache Orologea Cast

  21. Photo of Ion Brezeanu

    Ion Brezeanu Cast

  22. Photo of Maria Filotti

    Maria Filotti Cast

  23. Photo of Alexandre Mihalesco

    Alexandre Mihalesco Cast

  24. Photo of Aurel Barbelian

    Aurel Barbelian Cast

  25. Photo of Olimpia Barsan

    Olimpia Barsan Cast

  26. Photo of Gabriel Bossianu

    Gabriel Bossianu Cast

  27. Photo of Nae Bulandra

    Nae Bulandra Cast

  28. Photo of Sonia Cluceru

    Sonia Cluceru Cast

  29. Photo of Jeni Colorian

    Jeni Colorian Cast

  30. Photo of Lulu Cruceanu

    Lulu Cruceanu Cast

  31. Photo of Cristian Dutulescu

    Cristian Dutulescu Cast

  32. Photo of Marioara Farcasanu

    Marioara Farcasanu Cast

  33. Photo of Achille Georgescu

    Achille Georgescu Cast

  34. Photo of Maria Giurgea

    Maria Giurgea Cast

  35. Photo of Alexandrina Liniver-Gusty

    Alexandrina Liniver-Gusty Cast

  36. Photo of Angela Luncescu

    Angela Luncescu Cast

  37. Photo of Agepsina Macri

    Agepsina Macri Cast

  38. Photo of Adelina Marculescu

    Adelina Marculescu Cast

  39. Photo of Lt. Mihaila

    Lt. Mihaila Cast

  40. Photo of Nelly Santa

    Nelly Santa Cast

  41. Photo of Nutzi Stanescu

    Nutzi Stanescu Cast

  42. Photo of Ecaterina Zimniceanu

    Ecaterina Zimniceanu Cast

  43. Photo of Aristide Demetriade

    Aristide Demetriade Editing, Director, Cast Screenplay