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  1. Photo of Daniele Liotti

    Daniele Liotti Cast

  2. Photo of Dolph Lundgren

    Dolph Lundgren Cast

  3. Photo of Hristo Shopov

    Hristo Shopov Cast

  4. Photo of Mónica Cruz

    Mónica Cruz Cast

  5. Photo of Christo Jivkov

    Christo Jivkov Cast

  6. Photo of Max von Sydow

    Max von Sydow Cast

  7. Photo of Vincenzo Bocciarelli

    Vincenzo Bocciarelli Cast

  8. Photo of Fernando Guillén Cuervo

    Fernando Guillén Cuervo Cast

  9. Photo of F. Murray Abraham

    F. Murray Abraham Cast

  10. Photo of Francesca De Sapio

    Francesca De Sapio Cast

  11. Photo of Maria Pia Calzone

    Maria Pia Calzone Cast

  12. Photo of Anna Kanakis

    Anna Kanakis Cast

  13. Photo of Enrico Lo Verso

    Enrico Lo Verso Cast

  14. Photo of Ornella Muti

    Ornella Muti Cast

  15. Photo of Giulio Base

    Giulio Base Cast, Director

  16. Photo of Andrea Porporati

    Andrea Porporati Screenplay

  17. Photo of Paola Lucisano

    Paola Lucisano Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Christian Mercuri

    Christian Mercuri Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Salvatore Morello

    Salvatore Morello Executive Producer

  20. Photo of John Thompson

    John Thompson Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Carla Capotondi

    Carla Capotondi Producer

  22. Photo of Enrique Cerezo

    Enrique Cerezo Producer

  23. Photo of Fulvio Lucisano

    Fulvio Lucisano Producer

  24. Photo of Andrea Morricone

    Andrea Morricone Music

  25. Photo of Giovanni Galasso

    Giovanni Galasso Cinematography

  26. Photo of Alessandro Lucidi

    Alessandro Lucidi Editing

  27. Photo of Carmelo Agate

    Carmelo Agate Production Design

  28. Photo of Juan Borrell

    Juan Borrell Sound

  29. Photo of Giuliano Gemma

    Giuliano Gemma Cast