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  1. Photo of Martyn Friend

    Martyn Friend Director

  2. Photo of John Woods

    John Woods Director

  3. Photo of Sarah Pia Anderson

    Sarah Pia Anderson Director

  4. Photo of Silvio Narizzano

    Silvio Narizzano Director

  5. Photo of Michael Winterbottom

    Michael Winterbottom Director

  6. Photo of Jim Goddard

    Jim Goddard Director

  7. Photo of Barbara Machin

    Barbara Machin Screenplay

  8. Photo of Alfred Shaughnessy

    Alfred Shaughnessy Screenplay

  9. Photo of Ken Jones

    Ken Jones Screenplay

  10. Photo of Hugh Leonard

    Hugh Leonard Screenplay

  11. Photo of Kevin Laffan

    Kevin Laffan Screenplay

  12. Photo of Trevor Bowen

    Trevor Bowen Screenplay

  13. Photo of Cyril Williams

    Cyril Williams Screenplay

  14. Photo of Ngaio Marsh

    Ngaio Marsh Novel

  15. Photo of Patrick Malahide

    Patrick Malahide Cast

  16. Photo of William Simons

    William Simons Cast

  17. Photo of Belinda Lang

    Belinda Lang Cast

  18. Photo of John Walker

    John Walker Cinematography

  19. Photo of Dave Bennett

    Dave Bennett Cinematography

  20. Photo of Ray Russell

    Ray Russell Music

  21. Photo of Laurence Williams

    Laurence Williams Production Design

  22. Photo of Paul Haines

    Paul Haines Production Design

  23. Photo of Martin Methven

    Martin Methven Production Design

  24. Photo of George Kyriakides

    George Kyriakides Production Design

  25. Photo of Michael Bartley

    Michael Bartley Producer

  26. Photo of Diana Kyle

    Diana Kyle Producer

  27. Photo of George Gallaccio

    George Gallaccio Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Jackie Powell

    Jackie Powell Editing

  29. Photo of Colin Goudie

    Colin Goudie Editing

  30. Photo of Bernard Ashby

    Bernard Ashby Editing

  31. Photo of Paul Garrick

    Paul Garrick Editing

  32. Photo of Jane Rowson

    Jane Rowson Editing

  33. Photo of Robin Graham Scott

    Robin Graham Scott Editing

  34. Photo of Robyn Rogers

    Robyn Rogers Editing

  35. Photo of Malcolm Campbell

    Malcolm Campbell Sound

  36. Photo of Ken Trew

    Ken Trew Costume Design

  37. Photo of Judy Pepperdine

    Judy Pepperdine Costume Design

  38. Photo of Brian Willis

    Brian Willis Costume Design

  39. Photo of Tony Harding

    Tony Harding Visual Effects