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  1. Photo of Jörn Donner

    Jörn Donner Director, Producer

  2. Photo of Misha Jaari

    Misha Jaari Producer

  3. Photo of Mark Lwoff

    Mark Lwoff Producer

  4. Photo of Olli Soinio

    Olli Soinio Screenplay

  5. Photo of Pirjo Honkasalo

    Pirjo Honkasalo Cinematography

  6. Photo of Minna Haapkylä

    Minna Haapkylä Cast

  7. Photo of Hannu-Pekka Björkman

    Hannu-Pekka Björkman Cast

  8. Photo of Lauri Nurkse

    Lauri Nurkse Cast

  9. Photo of Pertti Sveholm

    Pertti Sveholm Cast

  10. Photo of Kristiina Elstelä

    Kristiina Elstelä Cast

  11. Photo of Markku Maalismaa

    Markku Maalismaa Cast

  12. Photo of Marja Packalén

    Marja Packalén Cast

  13. Photo of Rea Mauranen

    Rea Mauranen Cast

  14. Photo of Marcus Groth

    Marcus Groth Cast

  15. Photo of Uula Laakso

    Uula Laakso Cast

  16. Photo of Mikko Reitala

    Mikko Reitala Cast

  17. Photo of Ursula Salo

    Ursula Salo Cast

  18. Photo of Nina Lindfors

    Nina Lindfors Cast

  19. Photo of Petri Ihonen

    Petri Ihonen Cast

  20. Photo of Eeva-Liisa Haimelin

    Eeva-Liisa Haimelin Cast

  21. Photo of Melli Maikkula

    Melli Maikkula Cast

  22. Photo of Matti Näränen

    Matti Näränen Cast

  23. Photo of Juha Erola

    Juha Erola Cast

  24. Photo of Klaus Grabber

    Klaus Grabber Editing

  25. Photo of Pentti Valkeasuo

    Pentti Valkeasuo Production Design

  26. Photo of Pedro Hietanen

    Pedro Hietanen Music

  27. Photo of Joonas Jyrälä

    Joonas Jyrälä Sound

  28. Photo of Auli Turtiainen-Kinnunen

    Auli Turtiainen-Kinnunen Costume Design