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  1. Photo of Léo L. Fuchs

    Léo L. Fuchs Producer

  2. Photo of Christopher Frank

    Christopher Frank Screenplay

  3. Photo of Serge Leroy

    Serge Leroy Screenplay, Director

  4. Photo of Walter Wottiz

    Walter Wottiz Cinematography

  5. Photo of Jean-Louis Trintignant

    Jean-Louis Trintignant Cast

  6. Photo of Mireille Darc

    Mireille Darc Cast

  7. Photo of Bernard Fresson

    Bernard Fresson Cast

  8. Photo of Richard Constantini

    Richard Constantini Cast

  9. Photo of Adolfo Celi

    Adolfo Celi Cast

  10. Photo of Angela Goodwin

    Angela Goodwin Cast

  11. Photo of François Ceppi

    François Ceppi Editing

  12. Photo of Claude Bolling

    Claude Bolling Music

  13. Photo of Alain Lachassagne

    Alain Lachassagne Sound

  14. Photo of Guy Laroche

    Guy Laroche Costume Design