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  1. Photo of Kunio Watanabe

    Kunio Watanabe Director

  2. Photo of Hajime Takaiwa

    Hajime Takaiwa Screenplay

  3. Photo of Seishi Yokomizo

    Seishi Yokomizo Screenplay

  4. Photo of Chiezo Kataoka

    Chiezo Kataoka Cast

  5. Photo of Chizuru Kitagawa

    Chizuru Kitagawa Cast

  6. Photo of Fukuko Sayo

    Fukuko Sayo Cast

  7. Photo of Shinobu Chihara

    Shinobu Chihara Cast

  8. Photo of Kikuko Hanaoka

    Kikuko Hanaoka Cast

  9. Photo of Kikuko Hasegawa

    Kikuko Hasegawa Cast

  10. Photo of Tsunemi Hirose

    Tsunemi Hirose Cast

  11. Photo of Kazuo Ishii

    Kazuo Ishii Cast

  12. Photo of Tadashi Minamikawa

    Tadashi Minamikawa Cast

  13. Photo of Takashi Watanabe

    Takashi Watanabe Cinematography

  14. Photo of Eiichi Yamada

    Eiichi Yamada Music

  15. Photo of Naoya Taguchi

    Naoya Taguchi Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Junichirô Tamaki

    Junichirô Tamaki Executive Producer