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  1. Mariana Cruz's rating of the film The Invasion

    The sort of film which will give you that nagging feeling that you've watched it before, but don't remember when. Because you have in fact seen this... like a thousand times. Nicole Kidman prevents the entire thing from going completely down hill.

  2. VincentVendetta's rating of the film The Invasion

    Nicole Kidman, throwing some kid's face into a bedpost, cracking her ex-husband head with a hammer, smashing another man's face with a fire extinguisher, and shooting five people to death half-blind. Truly, the action movie actress we deserve.

  3. Pijus Balkaitis's rating of the film The Invasion

    basically it's a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), only with a female hero. this movie is an equivalent of 'the day the earth stood still' (2008) with Keanu Reeves

  4. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film The Invasion

    Brutto brutto,lontano anni luce sia da Siegel che da Kauffman.Una pellicola che non colpisce mai nel segno,per colpa di una messa in scena mediocre ed una regia piattissima.Lo script poi รจ stucchevole,visto che riduce un dramma collettivo alla battaglia della solita "madre-coraggio" che salva il suo"bambino-coraggio".Scene costruite male e dialoghi di livello infimo.Bocciato senza appelli.

  5. Sunrise's rating of the film The Invasion

    What rises from mangled-editing is a depiction of fear that smartly counters the political hysteria of previous versions (particularly Siegel), where instead of political infiltration it is the fear of exporting American 'politics.' It's a necessity of cold-business demeanor that Bennell observes as contagious disengagement. Self-awared break down of professional and personal barriers is what allows survival.

  6. Robert Waeck's rating of the film The Invasion

  7. goeienag's rating of the film The Invasion

    It's a perfectly fine movie. Sure, it's a remake of all remakes, but as a movie, it's pretty good.

  8. Thomas Frovin's rating of the film The Invasion

    So bad it is good or a brilliant satire? You decide.

  9. CCLZA's rating of the film The Invasion

    Nicole Kidman is great in this precise, neat film (at least until the preposterous 15 minutes). While watching you get the feeling that Hirschbiegel had a truly outstanding horror thriller beneath the clearly overedited one you're in front of.

  10. David's rating of the film The Invasion

    Bottom Line: this film was what it meant to be, A great popcorn flick. I had a blast watching it regardless of it's obvious inferiority to it's three predecessors.