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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Martin's rating of the film The Invincibles

    Nice Story, but some of the acting was really worse. The music at the whole film is to loud, so that is really hard to understand the dialogues.

  2. martin.heimann's rating of the film The Invincibles

    In principle a good, intriguing thriller, with nice paced shots. But horrible sound: whenever the actors speak there is loud background noise or music. Clearly a stylistic gag by the director, but makes understanding very difficult. Would profit by subtitles.

  3. thomas's rating of the film The Invincibles

    130minutes of flow. while i find the movie super it makes me wonder where the avantgarde went in regards to german cinema.

  4. Stefan Drees's rating of the film The Invincibles

    The film is worth seeing. But there are, besides some bad acting and some artificial, horribly written dialogues, particularly two things I dislike (but unfortunately often find in German productions): the insufficient sound design and the nonreflective use of music.